1st Edition

The School Recruitment Handbook A Guide to Attracting, Selecting and Keeping Outstanding Teachers

    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    236 Pages
    by Routledge

    Good teachers are distinguished by their characteristics - passion, integrity, initiative, confidence and more - yet recruitment tends to focus on skills and knowledge. Skills are vital, but are not the whole picture.

    This handbook provides a comprehensive technique for spotting and assessing the deeper characteristics of outstanding teachers during interview, using the Hay McBer research into effective teaching.

    Spotting an outstanding teacher, however, is wasted if they are not attracted to the school. Included in this guide is a means of evaluating, improving and communicating a school's attractiveness to candidates and existing staff.

    Providing a pathway through the complex recruitment process - from defining the school's needs to welcoming the new recruit into the school - this book includes:

    • research into teacher effectiveness
    • critical incident interviews
    • definition and attraction 
    • assessment
    • induction.

    Presenting surveys, original research into effective teaching, and interviews with recruiters and recruits, this lively guide offers practical advice for all schools.

    1. Introduction Part 1: Core Concepts and Techniques 2. Measuring Characteristics 3. Critical Incident Interviewing Part 2: The Complete Recruitment Process 4. Defintion - Who Do You Want? 5. Attraction - Why Would They Join? 6. Selection - Who Should We Choose? 7. Induction - Why Should They Stay? 8. Conclusions Part 3: Practical Exercices and Materials Practical 1. Professional Characteristics Practical 2. Observation Schedule for Teaching Skills Practical 3. Materials for Conducting the Interview Practical 4. Interview Training Materials Practical 5. Audits and Self Evaluation Tools Practical 6. Template Person Specification


    Sharon Crabtree, Russell Hobby, Jennifer Ibbetson