1st Edition

The Science of Drowning Perspectives on Intervention and Prevention

By Sports Aid Intl Inc Copyright 1999
    326 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Drowning-the third leading cause of accidental death in the U.S.-can be prevented with proper education and intervention. The Science of Drowning: Perspectives on Intervention and Prevention offers a significant departure from how drowning is traditionally treated by combining discussions about medical, prevention, and intervention issues, including the latest statistics; prevention and intervention techniques; and water safety strategies. This book provides valuable information on the risks of drowning and how to avoid them for those employed in aquatic environments, risk managers, lawyers, public safety officers, and healthcare professionals.

    The History of Drowning and Resuscitation, S.J. Freas
    The Etiology of Drowning, J.H. Modell
    What Is Happening with Drowning Rates in the United States, C. Branche
    Racial Variations in Drowning: Cultural or Biological, F.A. Mael
    Drowning in a Hypothermic Environment, D. Bohn
    Water Rescue Intervention for Public Service Providers, J.R. Fletemeyer
    The YMCA Perspective on Drowning Prevention, L. Slane
    Drownings on Brazilian Surf Beaches, D. Szpillman
    Contemporary Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Rescue Service on Oahu, Hawaii, R.G. Goto
    Drowning Intervention: An Army Corps of Engineers Perspective, B. Keshlear
    Drowning Intervention: A U.S. Coast Guard Perspective, B. Schmidt
    The Heimlich Maneuver and the First Step for Resuscitating a Drowning Victim, H.J. Heimlich and E. Spletzer
    Water Safety Programs for Hotels and Resorts and Identifying Industry Standard, J.R. Fletemeyer
    Reflections on Lifeguarding, F. Pia
    Drowning in a Closed Water Environment: Lessons That Can Be Learned, E.L. Priest
    Lifeguard Behaviors and Systematic Scanning Strategies, T. Griffiths, D. Steel, and H. Vogelsong
    Aiming Toward a Predictive Model for Rip Currents and Considerations Regarding Their Impact on Public Safety, J.B. Luchine, J.R. Fletemeyer, and R.G. Dean


    Sports Aid Intl Inc

    "…I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn more about drowning and its prevention as a public health or water safety issue… this is a "must have" book for those involved with aquatic safety or those wanting to better understand how to prevent drowning."
    --Kenneth W. Kizer, MD, MPH, in Wilderness and Environmental Medicine, Vol. 11, No. 1