4th Edition

The Science of Environmental Pollution

By Frank R. Spellman Copyright 2021
    464 Pages 66 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This new edition of The Science of Environmental Pollution presents common-sense approaches and practical examples based on scientific principles, models, and observations, but keeps the text lively and understandable for scientists and non-scientists alike. It addresses the important questions regarding environmental pollution: What is it? What is its impact? What are the causes and how can we mitigate them? But more than this, it stimulates new ways to think about the issues and their possible solutions.

    This fourth edition has been updated throughout, and greatly expands its coverage of endocrine disruptors and includes all new information on persistent "forever chemicals."

    Environmental issues continue to attract attention at all levels. Some sources say that pollution is the direct cause of climate change; others deny that the possibility even exists. This text sorts through the hyperbole, providing concepts and guidelines that not only aid in understanding the issues, but equip readers with the scientific rationale required to make informed decisions.


    • Updated throughout, and contains a new chapter on the effects of endocrine disruptors in the environment.
    • Provides an introduction to air, soil, and water pollution sources and remediation.
    • Addresses pressing issues such as global climate change, rising sea levels, polluted air, increased weather phenomena, and the state of potable water worldwide.
    • Supplies a vital information source for policy-makers involved in decisions concerning environmental management.
    • Includes case studies, examples, and study questions.


    The Science of Environmental Pollution is suitable for students taking undergraduate-level courses dealing with the environment and related pollution issues. It will also serve as a useful reference for environmental managers, politicians, legal experts, and interested general readers.

    Prologue PART I Introduction Chapter 1 Pollution: What is it? Chapter 2 Environmental Pollution from Waste Chapter 3 Environmental Impact of Hydraulic Fracturing Chapter 4 Global Pollution: The Problem Chapter 5 Sources of Pollution PART II Air Chapter 6 All about Air Chapter 7 Air Pollution Chapter 8 Air Pollution Remediation PART III Water Chapter 9 Water Chapter 10 Water Pollution Chapter 11 Water Pollution: Remediation PART IV Soil Chapter 12 Soil Basics Chapter 13 Soil Pollution Chapter 14 Soil Pollution Remediation PART V Hormone Pollution Chapter 15 Endocrine Disruptors PART VI Epilogue Chapter 16 Pollution and the 21st Century


    Frank R. Spellman, PhD, is a retired full-time adjunct assistant professor of environmental health at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia, and the author of more than 150 books covering topics ranging from concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) to all areas of environmental science and occupational health and including 12 fictional bloody mysteries and 3 non-fiction works about workplace violence . Many of his texts are readily available online at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com, and several have been adopted for classroom use at major universities throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Russia; two have been translated into Spanish for South American markets. Dr. Spellman has been cited in more than 850- publications. He serves as a professional expert witness for three law groups and as an incident/accident investigator for the U.S. Department of Justice and a northern Virginia law firm. In addition, he consults on homeland security vulnerability assessments for critical infrastructures including water/wastewater facilities nationwide and conducts pre-Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)/Environmental Protection Agency EPA audits throughout the country. Dr. Spellman receives frequent requests to co-author with well-recognized experts in several scientific fields; for example, he is a contributing author of the prestigious text The Engineering Handbook, 2nd ed. (CRC Press). Dr. Spellman lectures on wastewater treatment, water treatment, and homeland security and lectures and safety topics throughout the country and teaches water/wastewater operator short courses at Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, Virginia). In 2011-2012, he traced and documented the ancient water distribution system at Machu Pichu, Peru, and surveyed several drinking water resources in Amazonia-Coco, Ecuador. Dr. Spellman also studied and surveyed two separate potable water supplies in the Galapagos Islands; he also studied and researched and studied Darwin’s finches while in the Galapagos. He holds a BA, in public administration, a BS in business management, an MBA, and an MS and PhD in environmental engineering.