1st Edition

The Science of Lithium

By Frank R. Spellman Copyright 2024
    322 Pages 109 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The use of lithium is increasing at breathtaking speed and is currently changing key industries and the way people live. Lithium is used in an ever-growing number of electric vehicles (EVs), in laptops where the battery power lasts all day on a single charge, in solar panels mounted on roofs, and several other uses, all of which are discussed in this book. The Science of Lithium fills a wide gap of information previously missing from other published texts dealing with the green energy revolution currently in progress; it provides a comprehensive survey of information on this highly sought-after element, including its chemistry, metallurgical properties, and industrial applications, as well as its drawbacks and environmental implications.

    PART 1: Introduction. 1. Lithium, What Is It? 2. Manifestation. 3. Production. PART 2: Applications. 4. Air Purification. 5. Electronic Devices. 6. Optical Devices. 7. Glassware. 8. Metallurgy. 9. Alloy. 10. Lubricating Grease. PART 3: Medicinal Use of Lithium. 11. Mania Treatment. 12. Medical Lithium: Adverse Effects. PART 4: Lithium Power Applications. 13. Understanding Electricity. 14. Electrical Calculations. 15. Redox. 16. AC Theory. 17. Battery-Supplied Energy. 18. Lithium Batteries. 19. Lithium-Ion (Rechargeable) Battery Production. 20. Lithium-Ion Battery Operation. PART 5: Environmental & Safety Concerns. 21. Electric Vehicle Terminology. 22. Dynamics of Vehicle Motion. 23. Electric Motors. 24. DC/DC Converters. 25. Inverters. PART 6: Fuel Cells. 26. Fuel Cells. PART 7: Final Word on Environmental and Safety Concerns. 27. Environmental Concerns. 28. Safety Concerns. Epilogue.


    Frank R. Spellman is a retired assistant professor of Environmental Health at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA and author of more than 155 books. Spellman has been cited in more than 400 publications. He serves as a professional expert witness and incident/accident investigator for the U.S. Department of Justice and a private law firm and consults on homeland security vulnerability assessments (VAs) for critical infrastructure including water/wastewater facilities nationwide. Dr. Spellman lectures on sewage treatment, water treatment, and homeland security and health and safety topics throughout the country and teaches water/wastewater operator short courses at Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, VA). He holds a BA in Public Administration; BS in Business Management; MBA, Master of Science, MS, in Environmental Engineering and PhD Environmental Engineering.