1st Edition

The Science of Phototherapy

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ISBN 9780849349805
Published September 22, 1994 by CRC Press
227 Pages

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Book Description

The Science of Phototherapy reviews the current status of established and emerging phototherapies, including recent information about the mechanisms of action. The major topics are developed from basic principles in order to be most useful to readers with different backgrounds. The book describes the operation of phototherapy instrumentation, including conventional and laser light sources, photodetectors, radiometers, and optical fibers and features a comprehensive treatment of tissue optics ranging from basic principles to clinical applications. The applications of phototherapy to light dosimetry, optical diagnosis, and laser surgery are further developed with worked examples, and the more quantitative topics are explained with the use of illustrations. The book includes an extensive bibliography.

Table of Contents

An Overview of Phototherapy
Classical Description of Light Interactions with Matter
The Nature of Light
Macroscopic Optical Phenomena
Light Photons
Optical Radiometry
Molecular Description of Light Interactions with Matter
The Photoelectric Effect
Molecular Structure and Energetics
Photochemical Reactions
Conventional Light Sources
Radiometric Instrumentation
Optical Components
Tissue Optics
Fundamentals of Tissue Optics
Tissue Optic Theories
Time-Dependent Tissue Optics
Monte Carlo Simulation
Applications of Tissue Optics to Light Dosimetry in Phototherapy
Light Dosimetry Modeling
Optical Methods of Diagnosis and Imaging
Laser Interactions with Tissue
Laser-Tissue Interactions
Tissue Heating by Laser Radiations
Laser Ablation of Tissues
Photodynamic Therapy
Clinical Implementation of PDT
PDT Drugs
PDT Action Mechanism
Light Delivery and Dosimetry for PDT
The Current Status of PDT
UV Phototherapy of Skin Disease
UV-B Phototherapy
UV-A Plus Psoralen Phototherapy
Extracorporeal Photophoresis
Phototherapy of Hyperbilirubinemia
Bilirubin Metabolism
Action Mechanism of the Phototherapy
Light Sources for Phototherapy of Hyperbilirubinemia
Emerging and Speculative Phototherapies
New Approaches to Photochemotherapy

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"The author, himself a physicist, does an admirable job in combining the variety of detailed information currently available on the science and technology of phototherapy...thus providing a concise general reference."
-J. Hagekyriakou in Cancer Forum, Volume 19, Number 3, November 1995