1st Edition

The Shape of Change A guide to planning, implementing and embedding organisational change

By Nicola Busby Copyright 2017
    136 Pages
    by Routledge

    136 Pages
    by Routledge

    No organisations, change initiative or stakeholder is ever the same. The way business change management is shaped to work with and get the best out of every different change situation makes a vital contribution to the success of the change.

    The Shape of Change is the first business change management book to focus solely on the practical challenges of how to plan, implement and embed successful business change initiatives in a wide range of organisations from the business change manager’s point of view. It focuses on shaping every different change approach to take into consideration each individual situation including organisational culture, the type and impact of change the initiative, the attitudes and concerns of stakeholders and the potential for resistance within the organisation. Using a series of example change initiatives in private, public and non-profit sectors, it describes the change management journey, highlighting key points where business change management interventions are essential, and exploring how it feels to undertake business change initiatives in a wide range of situations, from communicating the initial change idea to ensuring the change is embedded and working well in business as usual.

    Accessible and comprehensive, The Shape of Change is relevant to anyone working in or planning organisational change.

    Introduction: The Business of Change

    Chapter 1: Shaping the Need for Change


    Chapter 2: Understanding Organisational Culture

    Chapter 3: Understanding the Impact of Change

    Chapter 4: Understanding Stakeholder Engagement

    Chapter 5: Understanding Resistance

    Chapter 6: Shaping your Change Plan


    Chapter 7: Engaging Individuals and Building Support

    Chapter 8: Communications

    Chapter 9: Learning and Training


    Chapter 10: Supporting your Users through Implementation

    Chapter 11: Shaping Sustainable Change

    Appendix A: Example Change Initiatives

    Appendix B: Change Plan for the Burntwood EDRMS Programme


    Nicola Busby is an experienced business change manager specialising in cultural and behavioural change in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Her recent clients include Penguin Random House, The Financial Ombudsman Service, The Houses of Parliament and the National Childbirth Trust. Authored Chapter 7, Change Readiness, Planning and Measurement, in The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook.

    "Nicola Busby captures the work and process of supporting a change initiative in a lively, practical and down-to earth way. She describes how different phases of change can be approached, giving clear examples and illustrations. I particularly liked the human reality checks embedded in her descriptions of "this is how it actually feels to help change happen". I expect that this book will prove a good friend to many business change managers." — Richard Smith, business change practitioner and lead author of The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook.