3rd Edition

The Social Psychology of Aggression 3rd Edition

By Barbara Krahé Copyright 2021
    528 Pages 94 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    528 Pages 94 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Thoroughly revised and updated, this third edition offers a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the social psychology of aggression, covering all the relevant major theories, individual differences, situational factors, and applied contexts.

    Understanding the causes, forms, and consequences of aggression and violence is critical for dealing with these harmful forms of social behavior. Addressing a range of sub-topics, the first part deals with the definition and measurement of aggression, presents major theories, examines the development of aggression and discusses individual and gender differences in aggressive behaviour. It covers the role of situational factors in eliciting aggression and the impact of exposure to violence in the media. The second part examines specific forms and manifestations of aggression, including chapters on aggression in everyday contexts and in the family, sexual aggression, intergroup aggression, and terrorism. The new edition also includes additional coverage of gender differences, gun violence, and terrorism, to reflect the latest research developments in the field.

    Also discussing strategies for reducing and preventing aggression, this book is essential reading for students and researchers in psychology and related disciplines, as well as practitioners and policy makers.

    1. Defining and measuring aggression
    2. Theories of aggression
    3. Development of aggression
    4. Individual and gender differences
    5. Situational elicitation of aggressive behaviour
    6. Media violence and aggression
    7. Aggression as part of everyday life
    8. Aggression in the family
    9. Sexual aggression
    10. Aggression between social groups
    11. Terrorism
    12. Preventing and reducing aggressive behaviour

      13.  Outlook and conclusion


    Barbara Krahé is Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Potsdam, Germany. She was awarded the German Psychology Prize for her work on aggression in 2015 and has served as President of the International Society for Research on Aggression.

    "I have been studying the origins of aggressive behavior for several decades and am so pleased to see this book available as a resource to scholars, students, and families. It is so well researched and hits on the topics most important to our society. The author is at the top of her field and it truly shows in this text. A definite must read for anyone interested in understanding and preventing aggressive behavior." - Professor Sarah M. Coyne, Brigham Young University, U.S.

    "Professor Krahé has done it again! This third edition of The Social Psychology of Aggression captures the latest advances in our understanding of human aggression, and integrates these advances with knowledge from decades past. It is very well-organized and well-written, and therefore easy to understand. Students of human aggression and violence—from undergraduates to Ph.D. professionals—will find it invaluable as a resource and a joy to read." - Distinguished Professor Craig A. Anderson, Iowa State University, U.S.

    "The third edition builds upon two previous excellent surveys of social psychological research on aggression, and its applications to the real-life problems that human aggression causes. As before, the strengths are Barbara Krahé’s clear exposition of her broad and detailed knowledge of the academic research, and how it can generate solutions to real-world problems." – Emeritus Professor John Archer, University of Central Lancashire, U.K.