1st Edition

The Social Science Imperialists

By G. C. Harcourt Copyright 1982
    434 Pages
    by Routledge

    434 Pages
    by Routledge

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    The essays in this volume present a comprehensive view of modern economics. They range from technical papers on a specific issue, such as that devoted to a critique of Kaldor's model of income distribution, through evaluation of a wide-ranging literature, with special emphasis on the Cambridge controversies in the theory of capital.

    * Intellectual portraits of Eric Russell, Joan Robinson and Lorie Tarshis are also included.
    * The concluding essay 'The Social Science Imperialists' gives an overview of the issues and trends that have dominated economics in recent years.

    Preface Introduction PART 1: Inflation, accountants' procedures and company behaviour 1. The quantitative effect of basing company taxation on replacement costs 2. Pricing policies and inflation 3. Pricing policies and earning rates 4. The accountant in a Golden Age 5. The measurement of the rate of profit and the bonus scheme for managers in the Soviet Union PART 2: Post-Keynesian Economic Theory 6. A critique of Mr Kaldors' model of income distribution and economic growth 7. A two-sector model of the distribution of income and the level of employment in the short run 8. Pricing and the investment decision PART 3: Salter's contributions, investment-decision rules, investment incentives and related econometric issues 9. Review article of W.E.G. Salter, Productivity and Technical Change 10. Biases in empirical estimates of the elasticities of substitution of C.E.S. production functions 11. Investment-decision criteria, investment incentives and the choice of technique PART 4: Sraffa's Production of Commodities and Marxian economics 12. A note on Mr. Sraffa's sub-systems 13. Mr. Sraffa's Production of Commodities by Means of Commodities 14. Can Marx survive Cambridge? 15. Marshall, Sraffa and Keynes: incompatible bedfellows? PART 5: The capital theory controversies 16. Capital theory: ado about something 17. The Cambridge controversies: old ways and new horizons 18. The theoretical and social significance of the Cambridge controversies in the theory of capital: an evaluation 19. Neo-classical capital theory 20. On theories and policies PART 6: Intellectual Biographies 21. Eric Russell, 1921-77: a great Australian political economist 22. Joan Robinson 23. Occasional portraits of the founding Post-Keynesians: Lorie Tarshis (or Tarshis on Tarshis by Harcourt) PART 7: Conclusion: the social science imperialists


    G. C. Harcourt