1st Edition

The Social Work Psychoanalyst's Casebook Clinical Voices in Honor of Jean Sanville

Edited By Joyce Edward, Elaine Rose Copyright 2000
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Social Work Psychoanalyst's Casebook begins with an interview with Dr. Sanville, who reflects on her evolution as a social work analyst, theoretician, writer, teacher, and leader. These reminiscences are followed by accounts of nine analytic treatments, each of which offers an unusual window into what actually transpired between analyst and analysand during the treatment hours. These case studies concern particularly troubled, often traumatized patients-the very "hard to reach" or "difficult to treat" clients with whom social workers have long been familiar. They include a reanalysis by the same analyst of a patient whose first therapy ended in a stalemate; an account of transference and countertransference phenomena during termination; a report on the analysis of a young woman who experienced both chronic and stress-related trauma; and an account of the special issues involved in the treatment of an aging woman. Most of the case studies reflect the influence of Dr. Sanville, whose work has long evinced the therapeutic imagination and disciplined creativity to which all the contributors aspire. 

    Tthe contributors to this volume offer the salutary reminder that analytic work is built on a relationship of respect and empathy and that treatment success follows from the therapist's willingness to accommodate the unique needs of individual patients.  In honoring Jean Sanville, The Social Work Psychoanalyst's Casebook speaks to the robustness of a multidisciplinary approach to psychopathology that transcends the bounds of any single profession-an approach in which contemporary psychoanalysis is enlarged by the insights and emphases of social work just as social work is enriched by the clinical wisdom of psychoanalysis.

    From the President of the NMCOP - David Phillips
    Publications of Jean SanvilleOverture - The Editors
    1. Playing in Time and Space: An Interview with Jean Sanville - The Editors
    2. The Opening Phase of the Analysis of Mr. B: A Dramatic Transference Phenomenon - Kerry Leddy Malawista and Peter L. Malawista
    3. Nobody's Baby: A Psychoanalytic Creation Story - Gail Sisson Steger
    4. Consideration of Constructs That Organize Clinical Data:
    Analytic Play, Analytic Surface, Analytic Space - Laurie S. M. Hollman
    5. A Woman of her Time (Or Was She?) - Samoan R Barish
    6. Trauma, Transference and Healing: A Case Presentation - Toni Thompson
    7. The Unstoppered Heart: The Awakening of the Capacity to Love in a Person with a Schizoid Disorder of the Self - Karla R. Clark
    8. Vacation Breaks: Opportunities for Partings and Reunions - Cathy Siebold
    9. A Case of Stalemate Reversed: A Second Chance - Monica J Rawn
    10. The Patient, The Analyst, The Termination Phase: Transference and Countertransference Considerations - Ellen G. Ruderman
    Coda - The Editors 


    Edward, Joyce; Rose, Elaine

    "Reading this book could prove dangerous to one's most time-worn ideas. It could impart new clinical insights. It might even provide the same shock of delight it gave me. It is a really perfect homage to Jean Sanville and her freshness of spirit and humanistic concern for other people, their wishes, their fears, and their moral principles. The Social Work Psychoanalyst's Casebook integrates the social and the intrapsychic better than any previous work. This gift to Jean from her students and colleagues is also a gift to every psychoanalyst or psychotherapist who reads it."

    - Arlene Kramer Richards, Ed.D., Training Analyst, New York Freudian Society

    "Putting together a book to honor Jean Sanville is an enormous challenge, as it must reflect, at least in some small measure, Dr. Sanville's wonderful warmth, intelligence, and grace. Yet Joyce Edward and Elaine Rose are to be congratulated for assembling a collection of original papers that do indeed weave together the humanity and theoretical sophistication so characteristic of their honoree. Clinicians will find it an ample feast."

    - Carolyn Saari, Ph.D., BCD, Professor, School of Social Work, Loyola

    "The Social Work Psychoanalyst's Casebook is an impressive and fitting tribute to an outstanding member of the pioneering generation of social work psychoanalysts. It is a collection of clinical essays demonstrating the full scope, depth, and diversity of contemporary clinical practice from a combined psychosocial and psychoanalytic perspective, all set into context by Jean Sanville's interview exposition of her path to social worker psychoanalyst and her articulation of the development of her integrated social and psychological (psychoanalytic) framework."

    - Robert S. Wallerstein, M.D., Past President, American Psychoanalytic Association