1st Edition

The Soviet Economy Toward the Year 2000

Edited By Abram Bergson, Herbert S. Levine Copyright 1983

    The Soviet Economy (1983) examines the long-term prospective growth of the USSR’s economy. It looks at the Soviet economy’s growth process at an advanced stage of development, and assesses how it would evolve in the period ahead. Various growth plans had made large advances to the state-planned economy, but by the 1980s this growth had slowed.

    1. An Overview Daniel L. Bond and Herbert S. Levine  2. Technological Progress Abram Bergson  3. Population and Labour Force Murray Feshbach  4. Agricultural Organisation and Management D. Gale Johnson  5. Agricultural Production Douglas B. Diamond, Lee W. Bettis and Robert E. Ramsson  6. Industrial Production Martin L. Weitzman  7. Energy Robert W. Campbell  8. Regional Economic Development Leslie Dienes  9. Foreign Economic Relations Ed. A. Hewett  10. Consumption Gertrude E. Schroeder  11. Planning and Management Joseph S. Berliner  12. Politics and Priorities Seweryn Bialer


    Abram Bergson and Herbert S. Levine