1st Edition

The Soviet Economy on the Brink of Reform Essays in Honor of Alec Nove

Edited By Peter Wiles Copyright 1988

    The Soviet Economy on the Brink of Reform (1988) is a collection of essays in honour of Alec Nove and covers such topics as Leon Trotsky, Navrozov, Soviet Investment criteria, Soviet Agricultural, and economic politics under Andropov and Chernenko.

    1. Leon Trotsky on the Dialectics of Democratic Control Richard B. Day  2. Soviet Investment Criteria: A Prefatory Note Peter Wiles  3. The Allocation of Investment in the Soviet Union: Criteria for the Efficiency of Investment Janice Giffen  4. The Soviet 1969 Standard Methodology for Investment Allocation versus ‘Universally Correct’ Methods Frank A. Durgin  5. Intra-year Fluctuations in Production and Sales: East and West J. Rostowski and P. Auerbach  6. Assessing the CIA’s ‘Soviet Economic Indices’ Lev Navrozov  7. Navrozov versus the Agency Philip Hansom  8. A Tonsorial View of the Soviet Second Economy Gergory Grossman  9. Soviet Agriculture: A Brighter Prospect? Karl-Eugen Wädekin  10. Economic Policies under Andropov and Chernenko (November 1982 – February 1984 – March 1985) Peter Wiles


    Peter Wiles