1st Edition

The Soviet Intelligentsia An Essay on the Social Structure and Roles of Soviet Intellectuals in the 1960s

By L.G. Churchward Copyright 1973
    220 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Soviet Intelligentsia (1973) is a valuable study of the composition and structure of the Soviet intelligentsia during the 1960s. It focuses in particular on the position of social scientists and the relationship between the intelligentsia and the Communist party. The book contains much original material drawn from Soviet newspapers, books and periodicals, and from the personal experiences of the author in the Soviet Union. It discusses the problem of defining the intelligentsia, their social spread, recruitment and training, as well as Soviet intellectual culture and lifestyles, the social and political roles of the intelligentsia and the likely future of this distinctive group in the Soviet system.

    1. The Intelligentsia in Soviet Society  2. The Social Structure of the Soviet Intelligentsia  3. Recruitment and Training of the Intelligentsia  4. The Intellectual Culture  5. Intellectual Lifestyles  6. Social Roles of the Soviet Intelligentsia  7. The Intelligentsia and Politics  8. The Future of the Intelligentsia


    At the time of writing The Soviet Intelligentsia, L.G. Churchward was Reader in Political Science at the University of Melbourne, Australia. He had been a member of the staff of the Political Science Department since 1945. He published widely in the fields of history and politics and was the author of Contemporary Soviet Government (Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1968).