1st Edition

The Spirit and Purpose of Geography

By S. W. Wooldridge, W. G. East Copyright 1951
    178 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1951, The Spirit and Purpose of Geography offers an introduction to the scope and spirit of geography. This undertakes a no less ambitious task than that of discovering the spatial relationships of the manifold features, physical and human, which diversify the Earth's surface.

    The authors one of whom first approached the subject from physical science, and the other from social science, co-operate to define and to discuss the historical development of their subject, its fundamental physical basis, its cartographic methods, its human aspect and its many applications and problems. Above all they submit that geography, the study of country or landscape, as a link study between the natural sciences and the humanities, constitutes not only a worthy academic discipline but also a part of a liberal education. This introductory volume is a must read for any student of geography.

    List of Sketch-maps Preface 1. The Nature and Development of Geography 2. The Philosophy and Purpose of Geography 3. Physical Geography and Bio-geography 4. Geography and Maps 5. Historical Geography 6. Economic Geography 7. Political Geography 8. Regional Geography and the Theory of Regions 9. Conclusion Note on Reading Index


    Sidney William Wooldridge and  William Gordon East