1st Edition

The Spiritual Crisis of the Scientific Age

By G. D. Yarnold Copyright 1959
    208 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1959, the original blurb reads: “No good purpose is served today by treating the relationship between Christianity and the natural sciences as a conflict; even as a conflict to be resolved. The modern world is passing through a crisis of far-reaching proportions; which is the direct consequence of its inability to assimilate new scientific knowledge, and to direct rightly the new technical skills. The crisis, which is essentially spiritual in character, is examined in its three principal aspects. Accordingly, the first part of the book deals with our understanding of the order of nature; the second with some of the central doctrines of the Christian faith; and the final section with the pressing ethical and moral problems of the industrial and nuclear age.” Today it can be read and enjoyed in its historical context.

    This book is a re-issue originally published in 1959. The language used and views portrayed are a reflection of its era and no offence is meant by the Publishers to any reader by this re-publication.

    Foreword.  1. The Order of Nature – A Crisis of Understanding  2. Natural Science and the Kerygma – A Crisis of Belief  3. Christian Ethics and the Scientific Age – A Crisis of Living.  References.  Index.


    The Reverand, Dr G. D. Yarnold was a distinguished scientist-theologian of the Church of England and, at the time of publication, Warden of St Deiniol’s Library (now Gladstone’s Library), Hawarden and sometime Lecturer in Physics in the University of Nottingham. He went on to become Vicar of Llanwddyn, Oswestry, Wales in 1962.