2nd Edition

The Standard Model and Beyond

By Paul Langacker Copyright 2017
    650 Pages
    by CRC Press

    650 Pages 143 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This new edition of The Standard Model and Beyond presents an advanced introduction to the physics and formalism of the standard model and other non-abelian gauge theories. It provides a solid background for understanding supersymmetry, string theory, extra dimensions, dynamical symmetry breaking, and cosmology. In addition to updating all of the experimental and phenomenological results from the first edition, it contains a new chapter on collider physics; expanded discussions of Higgs, neutrino, and dark matter physics; and many new problems.

    The book first reviews calculational techniques in field theory and the status of quantum electrodynamics. It then focuses on global and local symmetries and the construction of non-abelian gauge theories. The structure and tests of quantum chromodynamics, collider physics, the electroweak interactions and theory, and the physics of neutrino mass and mixing are thoroughly explored. The final chapter discusses the motivations for extending the standard model and examines supersymmetry, extended gauge groups, and grand unification.

    Thoroughly covering gauge field theories, symmetries, and topics beyond the standard model, this text equips readers with the tools to understand the structure and phenomenological consequences of the standard model, to construct extensions, and to perform calculations at tree level. It establishes the necessary background for readers to carry out more advanced research in particle physics.

    Supplementary materials are provided on the author’s website and a solutions manual is available for qualifying instructors.

    Notation and Conventions

    Review of Perturbative Field Theory

    Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, and Symmetries

    Gauge Theories

    The Strong Interactions and QCD

    Collider Physics

    The Weak Interactions

    The Standard Electroweak Theory

    Neutrino Mass and Mixing

    Beyond the Standard Model

    Appendix A: Canonical Commutation Rules

    Appendix B: Derivation of a Simple Feynman Diagram

    Appendix C: Unitarity, the Partial Wave Expansion, and the Optical Theorem

    Appendix D: Two, Three, and nBody Phase Space

    Appendix E: Calculation of the Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Electron

    Appendix F: BreitWigner Resonances

    Appendix G: Implications of P, C, T, and Gparity for Nucleon Matrix Elements

    Appendix H: Quantum Mechanical Analogs of Symmetry Breaking


    Paul Langacker is an Emeritus Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Pennsylvania. He is currently a Senior Scientist at Princeton University and a long-term visitor at the Institute for Advanced Study. His research has emphasized the connections between fundamental theory and experiment, and has included work in precision electroweak physics, grand unification, neutrino physics, Z’ physics, and string phenomenology.

    "The textbook by Paul Langacker gives a comprehensive…overview about the Standard Model of Elementary Particle Physics and beyond…. the full Standard Model including mathematical foundations and current experimental references is fully reviewed. After each chapter, the reader finds quite an extensive set of problems which allows [them] to deepen the previously learned knowledge…The book is clearly not intended to serve theorists in their daily life but rather an experimental physicist to understand the theory behind and perform some simple calculations. However, as a kind of compendium and standard reference it is a worthy tool for everybody in the field."

    Wolfgang G. Hollik (Hamburg) in Zentralblatt MATH 1376.

    "The 2009 first edition of The Standard Model and Beyond provided a long-needed and thorough introductory textbook that focused on the advances in phenomenology that led to the highly successful Standard Model of Elementary Particle Physics. Its author, Paul Langacker, is well known not only for his research, but also his communication skills both as a lecturer and writer. However, much has happened over the last seven years, as the Higgs scalar was discovered, thus completing the minimal spectrum of the Standard Model, whilst the field of neutrino physics continued to mature. At the same time, a number of leading speculations regarding ‘new physics’, beyond the Standard Model, failed to be observed, causing a re-examination of some beliefs. This newly updated second edition explores such constraints on ‘new physics’ ideas, in addition to exploring recent discoveries and advances in the field. The text remains lucid, thorough, and well-worth having, and so I strongly recommend it as a resource for students and researchers who wish to understand, and help continue, the legacy of scientific exploration and discovery."
    William J. Marciano, Senior Physicist, Physics Depart