1st Edition

The State of Asia A Contemporary Survey

Edited By Lawrence K. Rosinger Copyright 1951

    The State of Asia (1951) examines the developments in Asia in the key post-war period of five years following 1945. Prewar and wartime background are provided for each country surveyed, as the international significance of the developments in the region, from Korea to Pakistan, are analysed. The chief emphasis is on political and economic developments, foreign relations and the impact of Asian issues on the world, but information on population, resources and geography are also included. The book is a series of independent analyses by leading specialists in particular fields – it is in no sense an effort at a consensus, but seeks to make clear the main trends in the region.

    1. The State of Asia Lawrence K. Rosinger  2. China Lawrence K. Rosinger  3. Mongolia, Sinkiang and Tibet Owen and Eleanor Lattimore  4. Korea Shannon McCune  5. The Korean Crisis and the United Nations Miriam S. Farley  6. Japan John M. Maki  7. Indochina Ellen Hammer  8. Thailand Virginia Thompson and Richard Adloff  9. Burma S.B. Thomas  10. Malaya Virginia Thompson and Richard Adloff  11. The Philippines Shirley Jenkins  12. Indonesia Paul M. Kattenburg  13. India Lawrence K. Rosinger  14 Pakistan Holden Furber


    Lawrence K. Rosinger