The Structural Stabilization of Polymers: Fractal Models: 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

The Structural Stabilization of Polymers: Fractal Models

1st Edition

By Kozlov, Gennady Zaikov

CRC Press

345 pages

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Hardback: 9789067644587
pub: 2006-06-08
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This monograph deals with the structural aspects of transport processes of gases, physical ageing and thermo-oxidative degradation of polymers in detail. Fractal analysis, cluster models of the polymer structure’s amorphous state as well as irreversible aggregation models are used as main structural models. It is shown that the polymer structure is often a more important parameter than its chemical construction. Another significant aspect is the structural role in polymer melts oxidation. The basis for understanding of structural stabilisation gives anomalous diffusion of oxidant molecules on the fractal structure for both solid state polymers and polymeric melts. The important part of this problem is structure connectivity characterized by its spectral dimension. Therefore branched (cross-linked) polymers have smaller diffusivity in comparison with linear polymers.

Table of Contents

Introduction References Chapter 1. Structural models Cluster model of polymer’s amorphous state structure Description of polymer structure within the framework of the fractal analysis Methods of fractal characteristics calculation Physical sense of medium inhomogeneity in fractal kinetics of reactions References Chapter 2. Fractal models of transport processes in polymer membranes The main principles of gas transport processes fractal model Multifractal models of gas transport processes in polymers The fractal model of fluctuational free volume percolation and molecular mobility The features of gases diffusion in branched and cross-linked polymers The structural model of the fast and clow gases diffusion in polymers References Chapter 3. Structural models of a polymers physical (thermal) aging References Chapter 4. Modification and stabilization of semicrystalline polymers by nonchain inhibitor The structural changes caused by introduction of the highly-dispersed mixture Fe/FeO A description of HDPE+Z compositions structural stabilization within the framework of cluster model Fractal models of thermooxidative degradation inhibition for modified HDPE Physico-chemical analysis of thermooxidative degradation mechanisms for modified polybutyleneterephthalate References Chapter 5. Fractal models of solid polymers thermooxidative degradation The chemical aspect of structural stabilization The structural treatment of thermooxidative degradation of semicrystalline polymers Fractal kinetics of polymers thermooxidative degradation Simulation of thermooxidative degradation with the help of Cayley tree References Chapter 6. Structural stabilization of polymer melts A polymer melt structure role in thermooxidative degradation process The scaling analysis of thermooxidative degradation A structural analysis of a thermooxidative degradation activation energy Structural treatments of oxidation kinetic curves initial part Interrelation of structure and chemical mechanisms of polymer melts oxidation Structural treatment of thermogravimetric analysis data Fractal models of polymers stabilization processes References Chapter 7. Structural aspects of type change of an oxidation kinetic curves Structural criterion of a kinetic curves type change Simulation of a polymer melts thermooxidative degradation within the framework of irreversible aggregation model Theoretical description of sigmoid type oxidation kinetics The interrelation of a kinetic curves type and an oxidation chemical reactions References Chapter 8. Fractional differentiation and a polymers thermooxidative degradation processes Application of fractional differentiation for polymer melt structure description The reacting system volume in a thermooxidative degradation process Oxidation kinetics description within the framework of the Mittag-Leflere equation Prediction methods of kinetic curves and final parameters of polymers oxidation References Subject Index Abbreviations

About the Authors

Georgi V. Kozlov is a senior scientific worker (1980) in Polymer Physics at the Kabardino-Balkarian State University (Nal'chik, Russian Federation). He has published extensively on Polymer Physics, including Structure of the Polymer Amorphous State (Brill, 2004).

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