1st Edition

The Struggle for Asia 1828–1914 A Study in British and Russian Imperialism

By David Gillard Copyright 1977

    The Struggle for Asia 1828–1914 (1977) studies a classic case of rival imperialisms. British leaders tended to believe that Russian expansion threatened India; Russian leaders came to believe in a British threat to their empire. Each sought security by trying to control the policies of weaker states which lay between their imperial frontiers and on whose alignment depended the balance of power. By 1914, when both felt even more threatened by Germany than by one another, Russia seemed to have gained the upper hand in a struggle for hegemony in Asia which had been crucial for the course of world politics. This book examines the intellectual origins of the ‘Great Game’.

    1. The Rise of Russian and British Power in Eurasia  2. British Leaders Take Alarm, 1828–33  3. Palmerston’s Counter-Offensive, 1833–41  4. The British and the Russians Lose Control, 1841–53  5. Russian Leaders Take Alarm, 1853–60  6. Alexander II’s Counter-Offensive, 1860–78  7. The Russians and the British Lose Confidence, 1878–94  8. The End of the Great Game, 1894–1908


    David Gillard