1st Edition

The Tactics of Resignation A Study in British Cabinet Government

By R. K. Alderman, J. A. Cross Copyright 1967

    First Published in 1967 the Tactics of Resignation examines the principles of collective and individual ministerial responsibility and investigates the parallel problems related to the shadow cabinet in Britain. It raises pertinent questions like: why do so many hold their peace and support policies of which they privately disapprove? Loss of confidence in the House of Commons should involve individual resignation. How have so many ministers been able to hang on in the face of adverse criticism or apparent inefficiency? This book is a valuable addition to understand the difference between traditional principles and actual British government. It is an interesting read for students of British government and politics.

      1. The Modern Cabinet 2. Resignation Threats 3. Resignation in Practice 4. The Shadow Cabinet Appendix Suggestions for Further reading Bibliography


      R. K. Alderman and J. A. Cross