1st Edition

The Teaching of Biology A Handbook for Teachers of Junior Classes

By Ethel M. Poulton Copyright 1931

    First published in 1931, the original blurb reads: "A practical handbook for those who are engaged in teaching elementary biology (Nature Study) to children of 10-13 years. Part I is devoted to general methods of teaching the subject. Part II consists of subject matter suitable for lessons, together with suggestions as to practical work and classroom procedure." It was hoped that this work would help the move away from the tradition, still prevalent at the time, where observation of minute details and absence of associated physiological work left the children with little interest in the subject. This book would contribute to a type of teaching where more regard was paid to the ‘livingness’ of the organism, resulting in the deepening of the pupil’s enjoyment of the beauty of animate nature. Today it can be read in its historical context.

    Preface.  Part I: General Principles and Methods  1. The Values and Aims of the Study of Biology  2. Psychological Considerations Which Will Influence the Selection of Material and the Methods of Teaching  3. The Framing of the Nature Study Course, Preparation of the Lesson  4. General Methods of Teaching Biology  5. Some Difficulties and Errors in the Teaching of Biology  6. Expression in Biological Work: The Relation of Biology to Other Subjects of the Curriculum  7. Methods and Suggestions Applicable to Special Topics  Part II: Notes of Lessons and Special Methods  A. Autumnal Studies (September to November)  B. Winter Studies (November to February)  C. Spring Studies (February to April)  D. Summer Studies (April to August).  Index.


    Ethel M. Poulton