1st Edition

The Theory of the Leisure Class

By Thorstein Veblen Copyright 1992
    262 Pages
    by Routledge

    282 Pages
    by Routledge

    In The Theory of the Leisure Class, his first and best-known work, Thorstein Veblen challenges some of society's most cherished standards of behavior and, with devastating wit and satire, exposes the hollowness of many of our canons of taste, education, dress, and culture.

    Veblen uses the leisure class as his example because it is this class that sets the standards followed by every level of society. The sign of membership in the leisure class is exemption from industrial toil and the mark of success is lavish expenditure—"conspicuous consumption" is the famous term he invented to describe somethings that satisfies no real need but is a mark of prestige. The process Veblen describes continues today, albeit in a more circuitous form.The Theory of the Leisure Class is part of an ongoing effort to make available the collected works of Veblen to a present-day audience of students and scholars.

    1: Introductory; 2: Pecuniary Emulation; 3: Conspicuous Leisure; 4: Conspicuous Consumption; 5: The Pecuniary Standard of Living; 6: Pecuniary Canons of Taste; 7: Dress as an Expression of the Pecuniary Culture; 8: Industrial Exemption and Conservatism; 9: The Conservation of Archaic Traits; 10: Modern Survivals of Prowess; 11: The Belief in Luck; 12: Devout Observances; 13: Survivals of the Non-Invidious Interest; 14: The Higher Learning as an Expression of the Pecuniary Culture


    Thorstein Veblen