1st Edition

The Twilight of European Colonialism A Political Analysis

By Stewart C. Easton Copyright 1961

    The Twilight of European Colonialism (1961) is a comprehensive appraisal of modern colonialism, as well as providing historical background, of the governments of British, French, Belgian and Portuguese colonies. Political events in colonies and former colonies in all parts of the world are discussed. Charting the political development of each colony, the author analyses at each stage the significance of the major advances toward self-government in addition to critically examining and comparing the policies and performances of the European powers involved.

    Part 1. Introduction: The State of the Colonial World in the Fall of 1959  1. The Captains and the Kings Depart  Part 2. The British Dependent Territories  2. The Crown-Colony System  3. A New Unitary Nation: Ghana  4. Countries with a Future as Unitary States: Singapore and Sierra Leone  5. Countries with a Federal Future: West Indies and Nigeria  6. Country with a Possible Federal Future: Uganda  7. Countries Where White Settlers Cloud the Future: Rhodesia, Nyasaland and Kenya  8. Trust Territories Under British Administration  9. Territories Too Small for Complete Independence  10. Territories Disputed by Foreign Powers  Part 3. Overseas France  11. Empire, Union and Community  12. French West Africa  13. French Equatorial Africa  14. Madagascar and Minor French Territories  15. Trust Territories under French Administration  Part 4. Belgian Paternalism in Africa  16. The Belgian Congo and the Trust Territory of Ruanda-Urundi  Part 5. Portuguese Overseas Provinces  17. From Guinea to Timor  Part 6. Conclusion  18. Contrasting Policies of the Four Powers


    Stewart C. Easton