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The University of Sheffield/Routledge Japanese Studies Series

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This well-established series with one of the pre-eminent institutions for Japanese Studies in Europe publishes cutting-edge research and authoritative introductory texts on modern Japan and the Japanese. Editorial policy encourages leading and promising younger scholars to contribute especially social scientific analysis on a wide range of Japan-related subjects.

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Myth, Protest and Struggle in Okinawa

Myth, Protest and Struggle in Okinawa

1st Edition

By Miyume Tanji
May 26, 2009

Okinawan people have developed a unique tradition of protest in their long history of oppression and marginalization. Beginning with the Ryukyu Kingdom’s annexation to Japan in the late nineteenth century, Miyume Tanji charts the devastation caused by the Second World War, followed by the...

Nationalisms in Japan

Nationalisms in Japan

1st Edition

Edited By Naoko Shimazu
April 29, 2009

Nationalisms in Japan brings together leading specialists in the field to discuss how notions of ‘nationalism’ in modern Japan impinges on all aspects of social, political and cultural understanding of the Japanese nation or the Japanese state. This book is clearly presented and jargon-free, and ...

Japan's Minorities The illusion of homogeneity

Japan's Minorities: The illusion of homogeneity

2nd Edition

Edited By Michael Weiner
December 23, 2008

Based on original research, Japan's Minorities provides a clear historical introduction to the formation of individual minorities, followed by an analysis of the contemporary situation. This second edition identifies and explores the six principal minority groups in Japan: the Ainu, the Burakumin,...

Japan and Asia-Pacific Integration Pacific Romances 1968-1996

Japan and Asia-Pacific Integration: Pacific Romances 1968-1996

1st Edition

By Pekka Korhonen
March 11, 1998

Japan and Asia Pacific Integration is a study of regional integration in the greater Pacific area during 1968-1996. It examines the political rationale of such international organisations as the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) forum, and the East Asian Economic Caucus (EAEC). There is a ...

Global Governance and Japan The Institutional Architecture

Global Governance and Japan: The Institutional Architecture

1st Edition

Edited By Glenn D. Hook, Hugo Dobson
May 23, 2007

Leading specialists from Europe and Japan examine the institutional mechanisms of governance at the global level and provide concrete evidence of the role Japan plays in these institutions. An excellent introduction to the concept of global governance, the volume analyzes how global governance ...

Representing the Other in Modern Japanese Literature A Critical Approach

Representing the Other in Modern Japanese Literature: A Critical Approach

1st Edition

Edited By Rachael Hutchinson, Mark Williams
October 31, 2006

Representing the Other in Modern Japanese Literature looks at the ways in which authors writing in Japanese in the twentieth century constructed a division between the ‘Self’ and the ‘Other’ in their work. Drawing on methodology from Foucault and Lacan, the clearly presented essays seek to show how...

Contested Governance in Japan Sites and Issues

Contested Governance in Japan: Sites and Issues

1st Edition

Edited By Glenn D. Hook
June 07, 2005

Contested Governance in Japan extends the analysis of governance in contemporary Japan by exploring both the sites and issues of governance above and below the state as well as within it. This volume discusses the contested nature of governance in Japan and the ways in which a range of actors are ...

Grassroots Pacifism in Post-War Japan The Rebirth of a Nation

Grassroots Pacifism in Post-War Japan: The Rebirth of a Nation

1st Edition

By Mari Yamamoto
December 23, 2004

Grassroots Pacifism in Post-War Japan presents new material on grassroots peace activism and pacifism in two major groups active in the post-World War 2 peace movement - workers and housewives. Yamamoto contends that the peace movement, which was organised in tandem with other activities to promote...

Japan's Contested Constitution Documents and Analysis

Japan's Contested Constitution: Documents and Analysis

1st Edition

By Glenn D. Hook, Gavan McCormack
March 20, 2001

Japan's Contested Constitution is essential reading for anyone with an interest in Japanese domestic politics and the international role of Japan. Subjects covered include;* the no war, `pacifist' clause* tension between the constitution and the US-Japan security treaty* the political import of the...

The Political Economy of Japanese Globalisation

The Political Economy of Japanese Globalisation

1st Edition

Edited By Harukiyo Hasegawa, Glenn D. Hook
May 29, 2001

The Political Economy of Japanese Globalisation reveals the key dimensions of Japanese globalisation today by analysing both its inward and outward manifestations. This is the first book to examine fully the issue of globalisation in relation to Japan. Organised in three parts, The Political ...

Production Networks in Asia and Europe Skill Formation and Technology Transfer in the Automobile Industry

Production Networks in Asia and Europe: Skill Formation and Technology Transfer in the Automobile Industry

1st Edition

Edited By Rogier Busser, Yuri Sadoi
December 18, 2003

This book explores Japanese investment in Europe and Southeast Asia, in relation to the automobile industry. In Part I the authors examine industrial organization and policy issues in Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines and Indonesia, looking at Japanese investment and the relative policy successes...

Japan and Britain in the Contemporary World Responses to Common Issues

Japan and Britain in the Contemporary World: Responses to Common Issues

1st Edition

By Hugo Dobson, Glenn D. Hook
May 16, 2003

Britian and Japan in the Contemporary World provides up-to-date analyses of these two countries in terms of economics, politics, security and identity on the global, regional, subnational and civic levels.The book moves beyond an analysis of state-to-state relations between Britain and Japan by ...

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