1st Edition

The Unstoppable Sales Team Elevate Your Team’s Performance, Win More Business, and Attract Top Performers

By Shawn Casemore Copyright 2024
    198 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    198 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    198 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    Why are companies like Salesforce, Whirlpool, and Cintas repeatedly recognized for their top sales performance? What are they doing that sets them apart from their competition, allowing them to increase sales revenue year over year? It’s not a result of their ability to master online sales funnels or introduce software that automates their sales process. Instead, these companies dominate in their markets because they continually elevate their sales team’s performance to the level of being unstoppable.

    This book is written for sales executives, sales leaders, and sales managers. If you lead a sales team and want to accelerate their performance without being forced to invest in new technology, hire more employees or completely restructure your existing sales team, then this book is for you.

    The Unstoppable Sales Team contains the lessons learned, best practices and observations applied through the author’s work with sales teams globally. Building on his popular book The Unstoppable Sales Machine, the author shares the best strategies for building a high-performing sales team that outsells and outperforms their competition.

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    Part I: Why You Need a Strong Sales Team (not just strong sales performers). 

    Chapter 1: Start from Where You Are Right Now

    • One Thing That Hasn't Changed About Selling
    • What You Need Isn't What You Think.
    • You’re in a Marathon, Not a Sprint
    • Scale Sales Faster Starting from Where You Are Right Wow

    Chapter 2: Your Sales Team's Greatest Challenge

    • It's Becoming More Difficult for Your Buyer to Buy
    • The Dawn of Buyer Centric Selling
    • Team Decision-Making Requires a Team Approach
    • Information Overload: Getting the Right Information at the Right Time
    • Master of One Trade; Jack of None

    Chapter 3: Why Selling Has Become a Team Sport 

    • Being a Lone Wolf is Just Lonely
    • Top Sales Performers Are Attracted to Strong Teams
    • Create An Environment Ripe for Learning
    • Your Sitting on a Gold Mine of Best Practices

    Chapter 4: The Foundation of a Winning Sales Team

    • Selling is Competitive; Take Advantage of it
    • Experience Trumps Theory: Learn by Doing
    • Motivation is Inside Out and Outside In
    • Success Breeds Success

    Part II: Build Your Unstoppable Sales Team

    Chapter 5: Where to Begin: Assessing Your Sales Teams Performance

    • Setting a Sales Performance Baseline
    • Why You Need to Isolate Poor Performance
    • Good, Better, Best: A Structure For Sales Team Growth
    • Accelerating From Better to Best

    Chapter 6: The Top Sales Skills of an Unstoppable Sales Team

    • Why Fit is More Important Than Experience
    • 7 Elements of Unstoppable Sales Teams
    • How to Address Mistakes and Errors Made by Your Sales Team
    • Your Daily Sales Huddle

    Chapter 7: Creating an Environment that Stimulates Sales Team Performance

    • Setting and Selling a Compelling Future
    • Multi-Directional Communication: Persistence, Parallel, Permeable
    • Adopting a Hunger for New Skills Development
    • Sales Meetings That Stimulate Learning

    Chapter 8: Motivation Doesn’t Come from Within

    • Why Money is Not a Motivator: Here Is What Is
    • Sales Leader Influence Over Motivation
    • Motivating Your Sales Team: The Everyday Sales Mantra
    • Your Everyday Sales Mantra
    • Measuring the Success and Impact of Your E.S.M.

    Part III: A Sales Leaders Guide to Managing an Unstoppable Sales Team

    Chapter 9: Your Role as the Leader of an Unstoppable Sales Team

    • The Difference: Regular leaders versus Leaders of Unstoppable Sales Teams
    • Being the Gatekeeper
    • Do You Make the Cut? Assessing Your Unstoppable Sales Leadership Capabilities
    • The Journey: Building Your Skills as an Unstoppable Sales Leader

    Chapter 10: Sales Coaching: A Framework for Coaching an Unstoppable Sales Team 

    • Talking is Not Coaching: How to Build a Foundation for Effective Coaching
    • The Pillars for Effective Sales Coaching
    • Combine Sales Coaching with Feedback for Greater Impact
    • You As a Coach: Assessing Gaps In Your Own Coaching

    Chapter 11: Setting Sales Performance Metrics that Matter

    • What Gets Measured Doesn’t Always Get Improved
    • Choosing Sales Metrics that Matter
    • Metrics that Motivate Individual Performance
    • Team Performance Metrics that Matter (and Motivate!)

    Chapter 12: Technology to Accelerate Your Sales Team’s Performance 

    • The Three Phases of Sales Team Maturity
    • Technology to Support Building Your Unstoppable Sales Team
    • Technology to Boost Your Sales Teams Performance
    • Introduce New Technology to Support Your Sales Teams Performance

    Chapter 13: Accelerating Your Unstoppable Sales Teams Performance

    • Advancing Your Teams Sales Skills
    • Advancing Your Leadership Skills
    • How a Good Coach Can Help Build Your Unstoppable Sales Team
    • The Big Short: The Counterintuitive Way to Introduce Change to Your Sales Team
    • Attracting Sales Talent with Sales Performer Attraction
    • The Future of Sales Talent (and Why You Need to Build an Unstoppable Sales Team)




    Shawn Casemore is a consultant, speaker, and executive advisor. He is the Owner and Founder of Casemore and Co. Inc., a global consulting firm that has attracted clients such as CN Rail, Tim Hortons, PepsiCo, Kids Help Phone, Sick Kids, and over 200 other leading organizations. He’s served on several boards including the Canadian Association of Family-Owned Enterprises and Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium. His speaking typically includes over two dozen keynotes each year at major conferences, and he’s lectured at institutions such as the University of Waterloo and Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Shawn’s published work includes hundreds of articles in print and online for publications such as Fast Company, Chief Executive, Industry Week, and the Globe and Mail. He’s also written two commercially published books, including his most recent, The Unstoppable Sales Machine and The Unstoppable Organization.