1st Edition

The Voices and Rooms of European Bioethics

Edited By Richard Huxtable, Ruud ter Meulen Copyright 2015
    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book reflects on the many contributions made in and to European bioethics to date, in various locations, and from various disciplinary perspectives. In so doing, the book advances understanding of the academic and social status of European bioethics as it is being supported and practiced by various disciplines such as philosophy, law, medicine, and the social sciences, applied to a wide range of areas. The European focus offers a valuable counter-balance to an often prominent US understanding of bioethics.

    The volume is split into four parts. The first contains reflection on bioethics in the past, present and future, and also considers how comparison between countries and disciplines can enrich bioethical discourse. The second looks at bioethics in particular locations and contexts, including: policy, boardrooms and courtrooms; studios and virtual rooms; and society, while the third part explores the translation of theories and concepts of bioethics into the clinical setting. The fourth and final section focuses on academic expressions of bioethics, as it is theorised in various disciplines and also as it is taught, whether in classrooms or at the patient’s bedside. The book features unique contributions from a range of experts including: Alastair V Campbell; Ruth Chadwick; Angus Dawson; Raymond G. De Vries; Suzanne Ost; Renzo Pegoraro; Rouven Porz; Paul Schotsmans; Jochen Vollmann; Guy Widdershoven and Hub Zwart.

    Chapter 10 of this book ''You Don't Need Proof When You've Got Instinct!': Gut Feelings and Some Limits to Parental Authority' by Giles Birchley is available under an open access CC BY NC ND license and can be viewed at: http://www.tandfebooks.com/userimages/ContentEditor/1438250845242/9780415737197_chapter10.pdf .


    Foreword: 25 years of the European Association of Centres for Medical Ethics (EACME): A European Contribution to Research and Education in Bioethics, Renzo Pegoraro  1. Introduction: All of the Future Exists in the Past?, Richard Huxtable  Part 1: The Voices and Rooms of European Bioethics, Then and Now  2. Bioethics, Then and Now: A 40 year Perspective, Alastair Campbell  3. Bioethics Past, Present and Future: A Personal and Narrative Perspective from the European Continent, Paul Schotsmans  4. ‘Getting Ethics’: Voices in Harmony in Bioethics, Ruth Chadwick  Part 2: European Bioethics in Social Rooms  5. Personalised Medicine: Priority Setting and Opportunity Costs in European Public Health Care Systems, Jochen Vollmann  6. Phage-ethics: A ‘Depth’ Bioethical Reading of Sinclair Lewis’s Science Novel Arrowsmith, Hub Zwart  7. Voices Carry? The Voice of Bioethics in the Courtroom and Voice of Law in Bioethics, Richard Huxtable and Suzanne Ost  8. A (Social) Room with a View (to the Future): Advance Decisions and the Problem of Personhood, Tom Hayes  Part 3: European Bioethics in Clinical Rooms  9. Physicians’ Perspectives on Patient Preferences and Advance Directives in England and France: Other Countries, Other Requirements?, Ruth Horn  10. ‘You Don't Need Proof When You've Got Instinct!’: Gut Feelings and Some Limits to Parental Authority, Giles Birchley  11. Beyond Listening or Telling: Moral Case Deliberation as a Hermeneutic Approach to Clinical Ethics Support, Suzanne Metselaar, Margreet Stolper and Guy Widdershoven  12. Authority, Markets and Society: Three Possible Foundations for European Bioethics, Angus Dawson  Part 4: European Bioethics in Academic Rooms  13. Medical Ethics in Medical Classrooms: From Theory to Practice, Wing May Kong  14. Teaching Medical Students: More Room for an Ethical ‘Differential Analysis’, Please?, Rouven Porz and Andreas E Stuck  15. Bioethics in Academic Rooms: Hearing Other Voices, Living in Other Rooms, Raymond de Vries


    Richard Huxtable is Professor of Medical Ethics and Law and Deputy Director of the Centre for Ethics in Medicine, School of Social and Community Medicine, University of Bristol.

    Ruud ter Meulen is Professor of Ethics in Medicine and Director of the Centre for Ethics in Medicine, School of Social and Community Medicine, University of Bristol.