The War Against Japan, 1941-1945 (RLE World War II in Asia) : An Annotated Bibliography book cover
1st Edition

The War Against Japan, 1941-1945 (RLE World War II in Asia)
An Annotated Bibliography

ISBN 9781138912359
Published November 1, 2016 by Routledge
1078 Pages

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Book Description

With over 5,200 entries, this volume remains one of the most extensive annotated bibliographies on the USA’s fight against Japan in the Second World War. Including books, articles, and de-classified documents up to the end of 1987, the book is organized into six categories: Part 1 presents reference works, including encyclopedias, pictorial accounts, military histories, East Asian histories, hisotoriographies. Part 2: Diplomatic-political aspects of the war against Japan Part 3 contains sources on the economic and legal aspects of the war against Japan. Part 4 presents sources on the military apsects of the war – embracing land, air and sea forces. Religious aspects of the war are covered in Part 5 and Part 6 deals with the social and cultural aspects, including substantial sections on the treatment of Japanese minorities in the USA, Hawaii, Canada and Peru.

Table of Contents

Introduction. Part 1: General Works: A: Reference Works B: General Accounts/Anthologies of World War II C: Documents/Records/Archival Collections/Private Collections D: Military Histories (General) E: East Asian Histories Part 2: Diplomatic and Political Aspects: A: Origins of the War B: Diplomacy of the War Against Japan C: Postwar Affairs (Selected Topics) D: Postwar Affairs in Asia E: Memoirs and Biographies F: Diplomatic Histories of World War II Part 3: Economic and Legal Aspects A: General Accounts B: United Nations Coalition (and Friends) C: Japan and Friends D: Lend-Lease E: China F: Postwar Affairs G: War Crimes/Trials Part 4: Military Aspects A: General Accounts B: Memoirs/Biographies/Correspondence/Diaries C: Grand Strategy and High Command D: Campaigns/Operations/Battles E: Unit Histories F: The Secret War G: Resistance/Collaboration H: Logistics/Technical Support I: Medical Aspects J: Science and Technology Part 5: Relgious Aspects A: General B: Churches/Missionary Work/chaplains (General)/Conscientious Objectors C: Memoirs and Biographies Part 6: Social and Cultural Aspects A:The Arts and the War Against Japan B: Humor C: Music D: Literature E: Intellectual/Educational Aspects F: Reporting the War G: Demographic Aspects/U.S. Home Front/U. N. Coalition H: Military Government I: Civil Affairs J: Japan and Friends K: Prisoners of War L: Memoirs and Biographies. Appendix A: List of Periodicals Appendix B: Abbreviations Appendix C: Japanese-American Relocation Centers Appendix D: Chronology. Author Index. Subject Index.

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