1st Edition

The Working Class in Welfare Capitalism Work, Unions and Politics in Sweden

By Walter Korpi Copyright 1978

    First published in 1978, The Working Class in Welfare Capitalism looks at the position of the working class in the Swedish pattern of welfare capitalism and compares it with other capitalist industrial countries. Beginning with an analysis of class, class conflict, power and social change in classical and modern social theory, Professor Korpi discusses the development of the Swedish labour movement and its strategies of class conflict. He focuses on the situation of the worker at the workplace and in the community, on the functioning of the labour union, on industrial conflict, and on the political views and standpoints of the workers. He also examines political developments in Sweden and discusses the prospects for a development towards economic democracy. A challenging and comprehensive study of Swedish social democracy in action, carried out by a Swede within a comparative frame of reference, the book presents an analysis which is of central relevance to all capitalist societies, especially when mass communist parties in Europe appear to be moving towards reformistic socialism. This book will be of interest to students of sociology, social class, economy and history.

    Preface 1. Grave-diggers or angels in marble? 2. Social conflict and structural change 3. The Swedish labour movement and class conflict 4. The political ideas and strategies of the Swedish labour movement 5. Work and work orientations 6. Social relations in work and community 7. The union at the workplace 8. Union government and membership influence 9. The internal union opposition 10. Working-class politics and the union 11. The labour movement in welfare capitalism Appendix 1 Appendix 2 Appendix 3 Notes Bibliography Name Index Subject Index


    Walter Korpi