1st Edition

The Works of Charles Darwin: Vol 20: The Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication (, 1875, Vol II)

By Paul H Barrett Copyright 1992

    The twentieth volume in a 29-volume set which contain all Charles Darwin's published works. Darwin was one of the most influential figures of the 19th century. His work remains a central subject of study in the history of ideas, the history of science, zoology, botany, geology and evolution.

    Chapter XIII Inheritance continued – Reversion or Atavism; Chapter XIV Inheritance continued, – Fixedness of Character – Prepotency – Sexual Limitation – Correspondence of Age; Chapter XV On Crossing; Chapter XVI Causes Which Interfere with the Free Crossing of Varieties – Influence of Domestication on Fertility; Chapter XVII On the Good Effects of Crossing, and on the Evil Effects of Close Interbreeding; Chapter XVIII On The Advantages and Disadvantages of Changed Conditions of Life: Sterility from Various Causes; Chapter XIX Summary of the Four Last Chapters, with Remarks on Hybridism; Chapter XX Selection by Man; Chapter XXI Selection Continued; Chapter XXII Causes of Variability; Chapter XXIII Direct and Definite Action of the External Conditions of Life; Chapter XXIV Laws of Variation – use and Disuse, Etc.; Chapter XXV Laws of Variation continued – Correlated Variability; Chapter XXVI Laws of Variation continued – Summary; Chapter XXVII Provisional Hypothesis of Pangenesis; Chapter XXVIII Concluding Remarks;


    Paul H. Barrett, R. B. Freeman, Peter Gautrey