1st Edition

The Writings The Third Division of the Old Testament Canon

By T. Henshaw Copyright 1963
    396 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1963, this work is a study of the Old Testament books known as ‘The Writings’ (Ketuvim). Introductory chapters supply the necessary background material and are followed by separate chapters on the books themselves, their origin, purpose, contents date of composition, permanent influence and literary merit. The book is lucidly written and in a field in which scholars differ widely as to facts and interpretation, the author has succeeded in giving a wide range of views. The historical chapters describing the background to the literature are accurate and readable.

    1.The Canon of the Old Testament 2. Historical Background: Judah, 587-63 B.C. 3. Archaeology 4. Apocalyptic Literature 5. Wisdom Literature 6. The Forms and Characteristics of Hebrew Poetry 7. & 8. Psalms 9. Proverbs 10. Job 11. The Song of Songs 12. Ruth 13. Lamentations 14. Ecclesiastes 15. Esther 16. Daniel 17. 1 & 2 Chronicles 18. Ezra-Nehemiah. Appendices A: The Second Temple B: Hebrew Music


    T. Henshaw