1st Edition

The Yankee Mariner and Sea Power

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ISBN 9780884741053
Published January 30, 1982 by Routledge
300 Pages

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Book Description

Sea Power is more than naval ships and men and weapons, more than naval strategy, more than the ability to engage and defeat an enemy at sea.Sea Power encompasses every strength con­tributed to a nation's defense, economy, self-image, and position in the world community through its use of the oceans.Sea Power is measured by the health of a na­tion's navy and merchant marine; the vitality of its fishing and shipbuilding enterprises; the adequacy and efficiency of its ports and docks. It is reckoned by the ability to husband and harvest the living and non-living resources of the waters and the ocean floor. It is found in maritime recreational activity that invigorates both people and industry. It benefits from the inspiration that stimulates man's imagination to an ever more creative relationship with the sea.This book assesses these components of sea power from the historical perspective of the Yankee Mari­ner, to provide a view of the total impact United States sea power has had in the past and should have in the future. It further considers how understand­ing and stewardship of the oceans can contribute to solutions for the problems of America and the dilem­mas of mankind.The words are those of specialists in ocean science and engineering...sea transport and the building of ships and ports...ocean politics and law...deep-sea mining and underwater oil production...fishery biology and management, and aqua culture... naval history, naval strategy, and defense policy at sea.Drawing upon a vast store of experience and exper­tise, these fifteen authors find Uncle Sam faltering as a Yankee Mariner. They investigate the extent of hu­man commitment and the nature of scientific and technical support needed for the United States to regain its momentum in use of the sea.What they report is a broad-based guide to America's past and present sea power stance, and to the requirements for her future challenge of ocean space.