Theories of Race and Racism : A Reader book cover
2nd Edition

Theories of Race and Racism
A Reader

ISBN 9780415412544
Published March 3, 2009 by Routledge
744 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Theories of Race and Racism: A Reader is an important and innovative collection that brings together extracts from the work of scholars, both established and up and coming, who have helped to shape the study of race and racism as an historical and contemporary phenomenon.

This second edition incorporates new contributions and editorial material and allows readers to explore the changing terms of debates about the nature of race and racism in contemporary societies. All six parts are organized around the contributions made by theorists whose work has been influential in shaping theoretical debates. The various contributions have been chosen to reflect different theoretical perspectives and to help readers gain a feel for the changing terms of theoretical debate over time. As well as covering the main concerns of past and recent theoretical debates it provides a glimpse of relatively new areas of interest that are likely to attract more attention in years to come.

Table of Contents

Part One: Origins and Transformations  1. First impressions, Winthrop D. Jordan  2. The Idiom of Race, Michael Banton  3. Race and Racism, Tzvetan Todorov  4. Race Relations, Oliver C. Cox  5. Who Invented the Concept of Race? Robert Bernasconi  6. The Conservations of Races, W.E.B. Du Bois  7. Racial Beliefs in Americ, Gunnar Myrdal  8. Racism and Difference, Albert Memmi  9. On Antiracism, Pierre-Andre Taguieff  Part 2: Sociology, Race and Social Theory 10. The Nature of Race Relations, Robert Park 11. Race Relations in Sociological Theory, John Rex 12. Apropos the Idea of ‘Race’...Again, Robert Miles 13. Old and New Identities, Old and New Ethnicities, Stuart Hall 14. Beyond Black, Claire Alexander 15. Racial Knowledge, David Theo Goldberg  Part 3: Racism and Anti-Semitism 16. The Jews: Myth and Counter-Myth, George L. Mosse 17. Elements of Anti-Semitism, Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer 18. Modernity, Racism, Extermination, Zygmunt Bauman 19. Are Jews White? Sander L. Gilman 20. Looking Jewish, Seeing Jews, Mathew F. Jacobson  Part 4: Colonialism, Race and the Other 21. The Fact of Blackness, Frantz Fanon 22. Imperial Culture, Lola Young 23. The White Family of Man, Anne McClintock 24. Under Western Eyes, Chandra Talpade Mohanty 25. Sexual Affronts and Racial Frontiers, Ann Laura Stoler 26. Race, Time and the Revision of Modernity, Homi Bhabha  Part 5: Feminism, Difference and Identity 27. White Woman Listen! Hazel V. Carby 28.  Black Feminist Thought, Patricia Hill Collins 29. Third Wave Black Feminism? Kimberly Springer 30. Race and Rights, Patricia J. Williams 31. Difference, Diversity, Differentiation, Avtar Brah 32. White Women, Race Matters, Ruth Frankenberg 33. You’re Calling Me a Racist? Sarita Srivastava  Part 6: Changing Boundaries and Spaces 34. The Dialectics of Diasporic Identification, Paul Gilroy 35. Identity and Diversity in Postmodern Politics, Kobena Mercer 36. All About Eve, Critical White Studies, and Getting Over Whiteness, David R. Roediger 37. Crenshaw Race, Reform and Retrenchment, Kimberlé Williams 38. America Again at the Crossroads, Stephen Steinberg 39. Racial Trends in the United States, Jennifer L. Hochschild 40. From Bi-Racial to Tri-Racial, Eduardo Bonilla-Silva 41. Racial Identity and Racial Identification, K. Anthony Appiah 42. Race and Racism, Howard Winant  Guide to Further Reading  Key Questions

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Les back is Professor of Sociology at Goldsmiths College, University of London. His primary research interests focus on the culture of racism with particular reference to social identity and popular culture. 

John Solomos is Professor of Sociology at City University, London. He has researched and written widely on aspects of race and ethnic relations, the politics of race, equal opportunity policies, race and football, and racist movements and ideas.


"This anthology provides a remarkable synthesis of important theoretical works in the study of race and racism. The wide range of articles coupled with the incisive framing of this changing field by the editors should prove to be invaluable to those interested in getting a firm grasp of this field."Patricia Hill Collins, President, American Sociological Association Professor, Department of Sociology University of Maryland

"With the 2nd revised edition of Theories of Race and Racism, Les Back and John Solomos have composed a rigorous, comprehensive, and vital teaching text. The volume is very well organized around six key thematic areas, with terrifically well-informed and historically contextualized introductions to the materials, concise accounts of the principal  historical and contemporary debates, and useful supplementary materials such as key questions and additional readings.  Theories of Race and Racism sets the standard for  teaching texts in the field."David Theo Goldberg, University of California, USA

"The first edition of Theories of Race and Racism: A Reader was excellent. With this second edition, leading British sociologists Solomos and Back deliver one of the best collections of papers ever published on the issue. Why? First, because it combines older classical contributions and more recent top pieces of work. Second, because it contributes to transcending the disciplinary borders to reach a comprehensive understanding of race and racism. Third, because it gives the floor to different academic traditions from various parts of the words, and therefore it avoids a Western bias. Fourth, because it covers both past theoretical debates and emerging ones. This most valuable tool should be on the desk of all confirmed and up and coming scholars in the field of race and racism across the planet."Martiniello Marco, Director, Centre d'Etudes de l'Ethnicite et des Migrations (CEDEM) Universit de Liege, Belgium

"In a field that is both longstanding and dynamic, Theories of Race and Racism is invaluable to anyone who wants to navigate the literature or quickly to acquaint themselves with the latest thinking. As leading theorists and researchers on race and racism, the editors have selected writing from all the major theorists researchers might expect, including some that is now hard to find. In addition, however, they introduce theorists that many will have missed as well as presenting new work. Their introductions to each section are extensive and assured, mapping the terrain in ways that serve to illuminate and take forward understanding of debates and turning points in the study of race and racism. Anyone who reads all 42 chapters and seven introductions will undoubtedly gain a sound overview of historical and geographical currents and contestations across a range of disciplines. Equally, those who dip into the collection will encounter the theoretical concerns that have transformed this field. The clarity of its introductions and the care with which chapters have are introduced make this collection a vital resource for academics, students and interested lay readers. Given the renewed urgency of the issues it addresses, it deserves to have wide and continuing appeal."Ann Phoenix, Co-Director, Thomas Coram Research Unit, Institute of Education, University of London