1st Edition

Thermodynamics and Energy Systems Analysis Volume 2, Solved Problems and Exercises

    This book illustrates the basic concepts of phenomenological thermodynamics and how to move from theory to practice by considering problems in the fields of thermodynamics and energy-systems analysis. Many subjects are handled from an energetics or exergetics angle: calorimeters, evaporators, condensers, flow meters, sub or supersonic nozzles, ejec

    Preface, Tribute to a great thermodynamicist Professor Lucien Borel, Chapter 1 Generalities and fundamental laws, Chapter 2 Closed systems and general thermodynamic relations, Chapter 3 Balances of extensive entities, Chapter 4 Open systems in steady-state operation, Chapter 5 Thermodynamic properties of matter, Chapter 6 Mixture of ideal or perfect gases, Chapter 7 Mixtures of a gas with a condensable substance, Chapter 8 Thermodynamic processes and diagrams, Chapter 9 Simple examples of application of the First and Second Laws, Chapter 10 Energy and exergy analyses (thermomechanical processes), Chapter 11 Combustion, Chapter 12 Examples of application of chapter 10 and 11, Chapter 13 Thermodynamic cycles, Chapter 14 Applications: Examples from Chapters 10 to 13, Chapter 15 Linear thermodynamics of irreversible phenomena


    Lucien Borel, Daniel Favrat, Dinh Lan Nguyen, Magdi Batato