1st Edition

Thinking German Translation A Course in Translation Method

    Thinking German Translation is a comprehensive and revolutionary 20-week course in translation method offering a challenging and entertaining approach to the acquisition of translation skills. It has been fully and successfully piloted at the University of St.Andrews.

    Translation is presented as a problem-solving discipline. Discussion, examples and a full range of exercise work enable students to acquire the skills necessary for a broad range of translation problems.

    Examples are drawn from a wide variety of material from technical and commercial texts to poetry and song.

    Thinking German Translation is essential reading for advanced undergraduates and postgraduate students of German. The book will also appeal to a wide range of languages students and tutors through the general discussion of principles, purposes and practice of translation.

    Introduction 1 Preliminaries to translation as a process 2 Preliminaries to translation as a product 3 Cultural issues in translation; compromise and compensation Practical 3 4 The formal properties of texts: phonic/graphic and prosodic problems in translating 5 The formal properties of texts: grammatical and lexical issues in translation Practical 6 The formal properties of texts: sentential, inter-sentential and intertextual issues in Translating 7 Literal meaning and translation problems 8 Connotative meaning and translation problems Practical 9 Language variety in texts: dialect, sociolect, code-switching Practical 10 Language variety in texts: social register and tonal register 11 Textual genre as a factor in translation: oral and written genres 12 Genre marking and the crossover between oral and written genres Practical 13 Technical translation 14 Translation of consumer-oriented texts Practical 15 Stylistic editing Practical Contrastive topics and practices: introduction 16 Contrastive topic and practical: the function of modal particles 17 Contrastive topic and practical: translating modal particles 18 Contrastive topic and practical: concision and the adverb in German 19 Contrastive topic and practical: word order and emphasis in German 20 Summary and conclusion


    Sándor Hervey, Mr Ian Higgins, Ian Higgins, Michael Loughridge