1st Edition

Thinking Like an Engineer
Lessons That Develop Habits of Mind and Thinking Skills for Young Engineers in Grade 4

ISBN 9781618218285
Published January 15, 2019 by Routledge
126 Pages

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Book Description

Thinking Like an Engineer focuses on high-interest, career-related topics in the elementary curriculum related to engineering. Students will explore interdisciplinary content, foster creativity, and develop higher order thinking skills with activities aligned to relevant content area standards. Students will complete design challenges, visit with an engineer, and investigate real-world problems to plan feasible engineering solutions. Thinking Like an Engineer reflects key emphases of curricula from the Center for Gifted Education at William & Mary, including the development of process skills in various content areas and the enhancement of discipline-specific thinking and habits of mind through hands-on activities.

Grade 4

Table of Contents

Introduction Unit 1: What Is an Engineer? Lesson 1.1: What Is an Engineer? Lesson 1.2: Think Like an Engineer Lesson 1.3: Explore Like an Engineer Unit 2: Who Can Be an Engineer? Lesson 2.1: What Are the Types of Engineers? Lesson 2.2: Meet an Engineer Lesson 2.3: Create a Job Description Unit 3: Design Cities Like an Engineer Lesson 3.1: Civil Engineer Challenge Lesson 3.2: Electrical Engineer Challenge Lesson 3.3: Mechanical Engineer Challenge Unit 4: Care for Your World Like an Engineer Lesson 4.1: Environmental Engineer Challenge Lesson 4.2: Chemical Engineer Challenge Lesson 4.3: Biomedical Engineer Challenge Unit 5: Explore Beyond Your World Like an Engineer Lesson 5.1: Aerospace Engineer Challenge Lesson 5.2: Computer Engineer Challenge Unit 6: You Can Be an Engineer Lesson 6.1: Present to a Real-World Audience Lesson 6.2: Engineering Branch Project Lesson 6.3: Be an Engineer! References About the Author Next Generation Science Standards Alignment Common Core State Standards Alignment

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