1st Edition

Thomas Chatterton: Early Sources and Responses

    1952 Pages
    by Routledge

    The revival of interest in medieval life and literature during the 18th century led to a fanatical search for antiquarian literary treasures - forgers such as James Macpherson, William Henry Ireland and Thomas Chatterton provided them to their willing and eager patrons. Chatterton wrote on scraps of old parchment and posed it as the work of Thomas Rowley and others.
    The publication of Thomas Tyrwhitt's first collection of Rowley poems in 1777 gave rise to a heated literary controversy regarding their authenticity. This is a collection of the major contemporary contributions to this controversy - all of them extremely rare.

    First Collected Edition of the Rowley Poems [1777]
    Thomas Chatterton
    Edited by Thomas Tyrwhitt 336pp
    The Life of Thomas Chatterton with Criticisms on his Genius and Writings and a concise View of the Controversy concerning Rowley's Poems [1789]
    George Gregory 272pp
    The Life of Thomas Chatterton including his unpublished Poems and Correspondence [1837]
    John Dix 346pp
    Cursory Observations on the Poems attributed to Thomas Rowley, a Priest of the Fifteenth Century [1782]
    Edmund Malone 66pp
    An Essay on the Evidence, External and Internal, relating to the Poems attributed to Thomas Rowley [1783]
    Thomas James Mathias 130pp
    A Vindication of the Appendix to the Poems, called Rowley's, in reply to the Answers of the Dean of Exeter, Jacob Bryant [1782]
    Thomas Tyrwhitt 232pp
    An Enquiry into the Authenicity of the Poems attributed to Thomas Rowley [1782]
    Thomas Warton 128pp
    A Letter to the Editor of the Miscellanies of Thomas Chatterton[1799]
    Horace Walpole 58pp
    '...These reprints will go a significant way towards enabling a reconceptualization of the later 18th century, and restoring this perversely neglected episode to literary history.' - Nick Groom, Times Higher Education Supplement