Thoracic Radiology for the Small Animal Practitioner  book cover
1st Edition

Thoracic Radiology for the Small Animal Practitioner

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ISBN 9781893441088
Published September 15, 2000 by Teton NewMedia
145 Pages

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Book Description

This book offers a practical approach to general film interpretation and a prioritized approach to differential diagnoses. The text is organized into key points and important features, making this an ideal quick reference guide to thoracic radiology for vets. It covers interpretation of radiographs for the diagnosis in dogs and cats, how to increase the quality of images, background information about the possible causes of various abnormal finding and corresponding diagnostic tests and treatments. Covering all the basics with useful hints on radiographic techniques and positioning of dogs and cats, normal and abnormal findings are discussed as well as possible causes, suggestion for additional diagnostic test, and treatment approaches. Excellent quality images and diagrammed overlays make this a fast and convenient reference.

Published by Teton New Media in the USA and distributed by CRC Press outside of North America.

Table of Contents


Section 1 Radiology
Some Helpful Hints
Applications of Thoracic Radiology
Limitations of Thoracic Radiology
What is a Radiograph?
A Brief Discussion of Film Artifacts
Thoracic Radiography
Interpretation of Positioning
What views do I take?

Section 2 Normal Radiographic Anatomy
Radiological Variations
Patient Positioning
Geriatric Patients
Breed Variations
Body Wall Variations

Section 3 Radiology of the Heart
Evaluation Methods
Method for Detecting Focal Heart Chamber Enlargement in Cats and Dogs
Methods for Detecting Generalized Heart Enlargement
Signs of Left-Sided Enlargement
Causes of Left-Sided Heart Enlargement
Signs of Right-Sided Heart Enlargement
Causes of Right-Sided Enlargement
Signs of Generalized Cardiomegaly
Causes of Generalized Cardiomegaly
Common Causes of Heart Disease with Normal Appearing Heart

Section 4 Vessels
Intrathoracic Vasculature
Intrathoracic Aorta
Caudal Vena Cava
Pulmonary Vessels
General Principles
Radiologic Signs of Vascular Disease

Section 5 Lungs
Causes of Increased Lung Opacity: The Pattern Approach
Alveolar Patterns
Bronchial Patterns
Vascular Patterns
Nodular Interstitial
Unstructured Interstitial
Causes of Decreased Opacity

Section 6 Pleural Space Disease
Physiology of Free Air and Radiographic Views
Roentgen Signs
Underlying Causes
Types of Pneumothorax
Pleural Effusion
Physiology of Free Fluid and Radiographic Views
Roentgen Signs
Pleural Fissures
Pleural Edema
Types of Fluid
Concurrent Conditions

Section 7 Mediastinum
Normal Radiographic Anatomy of the Mediastinum
Normal Visible Structures
Mediastinal Reflections
Mediastinal Diseases
Mediastinal Masses
Disorders of the Esophagus
Disorders of the Trachea
Mediastinal Shift

Section 8 Diaphragm
Normal Radiographic Features
Left and Right Crura
Radiographic Features of Hernia
Congenital Hernia
Traumatic Diaphragmatic Hernia
Rare Hernia
Reasons for Loss of Diaphragmatic Border

Section 9 Body Wall and Ribs
Body Wall
Normal Variations
Radiographic Appearance of Diseases
Other Body Wall Diseases
A. Technique Chart
B. Lateral Thorax Positioning
C. Ventral Dorsal Thorax Positioning
D. Dorsal Ventral Positioning

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