1st Edition

Three-Dimensional Magnonics Layered, Micro- and Nanostructures

Edited By Gianluca Gubbiotti Copyright 2019
    416 Pages 24 Color & 104 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    416 Pages 24 Color & 104 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    Magnonics, a research field that uses spin waves, collective excitations of ordered magnetic materials, or magnons (their quanta) as a tool for signal processing, communication, and computation, has rapidly grown during the past decade because of the low-energy consumption and potential compatibility with next-generation circuits beyond CMOS electronics. The interest in 3D magnonic nanostructures follows the latest trend in conventional electronics based on expansion from 2D planar to 3D vertically integrated structures. To remain on the same technological level, a similar expansion should be realized in magnonics.

    Following this trend, this book provides an overview of recent developments in the exploitation of the third dimension in magnonics, with special focus on the propagation of spin waves in layered magnonic crystals, spin textures, curved surfaces, 3D nano-objects, and cavity magnonics.

    1. Dipole- Exchange Theory of Magnons in Structured Composite Nanowires and Magnonic Crystal Arrays

    Cottam et al.

    2. From 2D Planar Magnonic Crystals to 3D Magnonic Crystals

    Graczyk et al.

    3. 3D Magnonic Crystals

    Beginin et al.

    4. Spin Waves in Magnetic Metal–Insulator Hybrid Nanostructures

    Liu et al.

    5. Spin Waves in Thin Films and Magnonic Crystals with Dzyalonshinskii–Moriya interactions

    Gallardo et al.

    6. Emission and Active Manipulation of Spin Waves in Multiferroic Heterostructures

    Qin et al.

    7. Patterned Spin Textures for Magnonics

    Albisetti et al.

    8. 3D Mode Profiles in Short-Wavelength Magnon Propagation

    Wintz et al

    9. Precessional Magnetization Dynamics and Spin Waves in 3D Ferromagnetic Nanostructures

    Mondal et al.

    10. Spin Waves in Nanotubes: Impact of Curvature on Transport Properties

    Kakay et al.

    11. Strong Coupling in Cavity Magnonics

    Leo et al.


    Gianluca Gubbiotti is researcher at the Perugia Institute of Materials of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), Italy.