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1st Edition

Tomorrows Trends in Fire Retardant Regulations, Testing, and Applications

By Frca Copyright 1996
    ISBN 9781566764964
    204 Pages
    Published October 11, 1996 by CRC Press

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    This book contains papers, presented at the fire retardant chemicals association conference held in Florida in 1996, on various topics, including trends towards polymeric flame retardants, intumescent flame retardants, and fire calorimetry testing in product research and development.

    1. Trends Toward Polymeric Flame Retardants 2. Bromianted Epoxy Oligomer and Pentabromobenzyl Acrylate: New Performance Enhancement for New Opportunities 3. The Use of Bromine/Chlorine Synergism to Flame Retard Plastics 4. Easy to Process, UV Stable, Flame Retardant Polypropylene for Fiber and Molding Applications 5. Intumescent Flame Retardants - New Developments 6. Fire Calorimetry Testing in Product Research and Development 7. Advantages of Modern Testing Techniques: Case Study to Predict Smoke Obscuration in Steiner Tunnel Fire Test 8. Fire Performance Evaluations of Insulated Materials Used on U.S. Navy Ships 9. Detection and Quantification of Cone Calorimeter Combustion Gases and the Uses of the Resulting Data 10. Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence as a Quality Control Tool for the Analysis of Fire Retardants 11. Status of Regulatory Activity on Brominated Flame Retardants in Europe and the United States 12. Upholstered Furniture Flammability: Possible Regulation by the Consumer Product Safety Commission 13. Bromianted Acrylic Latex Copolymers and Their Utility 14. Expandable Graphite Flake as an Additive for a New Flame Retardant Coating 15. Give up the Smoke-Not the Performance, Low Smoke PVC Wire 147 and Cable Formulations 16. Review of Flame Retardant Engineering Thermoplastics 17. Unsaturated Polyester Resin Market Review 18. Flame Retarded ABS Polymer - Markets, Standards and Opportunities 19. Development of a Product Prequalification Program for Federal Construction


    FRCA- Fire Retrdant Chemicals Association

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