1st Edition

Tooth Enamel Microstructure Proceedings of the enamel microstructure workshop, University of Bonn, Andernach, Rhine, 24-28 July 1994

Edited By W. von Koenigswald, P.M. Sander Copyright 1997

    Enamel, the shiny material covering the teeth of vertebrates is the hardest tissue the vertebrate body can produce and one of the most impressive products of biomineralization. This hard tissue is closely related to feeding, the first part in the energy intake process so basic to vertebrate life. Enamel has a complex internal microstructure full of phylogenetic and biomechanic information.
    Topics covered: Ontogeny; Crystallite level; Prism level; Enamel type level; Schmelzmuster level; Dentition level; Evolution; Biomechanical level; Glossary.

    Ontogeny; crystallite level; prism level; enamel type level; Schmelzmuster level; definition level; evolution; biomechanical level.


    W.Von Koenigswald (Edited by) , P.M. Sander (Edited by)