Topical Issues of Rational Use of Natural Resources 2019, Volume 1 : Proceedings of the XV International Forum-Contest of Students and Young Researchers under the auspices of UNESCO (St. Petersburg Mining University, Russia, 13-17 May 2019) book cover
1st Edition

Topical Issues of Rational Use of Natural Resources 2019, Volume 1
Proceedings of the XV International Forum-Contest of Students and Young Researchers under the auspices of UNESCO (St. Petersburg Mining University, Russia, 13-17 May 2019)

ISBN 9780367857196
Published November 25, 2019 by CRC Press
488 Pages

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Book Description

Topical Issues of Rational Use of Natural Resources 2019 Vol. 1 contains the contributions in presented at the XV International Forum-Contest of Students and Young Researchers under the auspices of UNESCO (St. Petersburg Mining University, Russia, 13-17 May 2019). The Forum-Contest is a great opportunity for young researchers to present their work to the academics involved or interested the area of extraction and processing of natural resources. The topics of the book include:

• Geotechnologies of resource extraction: current challenges and prospects

• Cutting edge technologies of geological mapping, search and prospecting of mineral deposits

• Digital and energy saving technologies in mineral resource complex

• Breakthrough technologies of integrated processing of mineral hydrocarbon and technogenic raw materials with further production of new generation materials

• The latest management and financing solutions for the development of mineral resources sector

• Environment protection and sustainable nature management

• New approaches to resolving hydrocarbon sector-specific issues

Topical Issues of Rational Use of Natural Resources 2019 Vol. 1 collects the best reports presented at the Forum-Contest, and is of interest to academics and professionals involved in the extraction and processing of natural resources.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Preface xiii

Organizers xv


Geotechnologies of resource extraction: Current challenges and prospects
1. Solid minerals mining technologies. Industrial and labor safety

Analysis of mining method conditions of the Verkhnekamskoye potash field at áEuroChem – Usolskiy potash plant≫ mine 3
S.S. Andrejlko, D.I. Zverev & E.V. Lukyanec

Method to reduce harmful emissions when diesel locomotives operate in coal mines 10
A.M. Eremeeva, N.K. Kondrasheva & G.I. Korshunov

Methods of regulation air temperature in the Russian oil mains 16
S.G. Gendler & I.R. Fazylov

Minimizing the seismic effects of blasting works on the environment in the mining of raw materials 22
J. Fehér & J. Čambál

Substantiation of parameters of the pillarless mining technology of coal seams prone to spontaneous combustion 32
D.D. Golubev & A.A. Sidorenko

Improvement of the prediction method of earth surface deformation effect on underground gas pipelines 39
Ph.M. Golubev & E.V. Blinnikova

Performance evaluation of tele-remote underground drilling for sublevel caving 46
E.V. Gromov, E.E. Khomkin & S.A. Velichanskiy

The usage of contour blasting methods to achieve the intended shape of the slope 55
Marta Hetmańska

Possibilities of application of spoil container in coal mine 67
P. Kiljan, A. Kiljan & K. Kalinowski

The improved method for digital elevation modelling undermined territories of Donbass on satellite images 72
R.A. Kovnir & N.N. Grishchenkov

Mine experimental researches on the determination of the zone of an efficient cracks radius in carnallite-galite rocks of the Gremyachinsk deposit 81
E.A. Nesterov & R.R. Sharafutdinov

Evaluation of a one-day average methane concentrations forecast at the outlet from the longwall ventilation region as tool of supporting selection of methane prevention measures 88
A.P. Niewiadomski & H. Badura

Analysis of evaluation results of occupational health, industrial and environmental safety management systems at enterprises of mining and smelting complex 100
А.V. Shalimova, A.E. Filin & A.A. Davydenko

Ore-management system of ore quality management in underground mining 109
N.A. Tyrtigina & S.A. Sharov

Development of an air classifier for the classification of crushed aggregates 115
C. Weigel, H. Tudeshki & P.K. Anapally

Optimization of surveying works at mining enterprises in the conditions of using automated measuring instruments 124
E.S. Zherlygina, V.A. Kiselev & D.S. Savelyev

Underground space development technologies. Rock mechanics and control of rock conditions

Development of a geomechanical model for the effective rock mass state management during underground mining of the Oleniy Ruchey deposit 133
I.M. Avetisian & S.V. Dmitriev

The embankment formation for conveyor under harsh conditions 141
S.P. Bakhaeva & E.V. Chernych

ULAPh as an alternative photogrammetric method of archaeological documentation 151
P.D. Cierpich & J.E. Ruchała

Challenges of modern archaeology 159
H. Dec & P. Ćwiąkała

Studies of the volume expansion of concrete mix for lining vertical shafts of mines 166
N.D. Efimova, N.D. Barsuk & S.V. Borschevsky

The analysis of interbed stability with mathematical modeling methods 173
A.O. Ermashov, O.O. Lebedeva & A.I. Rysin

The application of similarity theory elements in geodesy 183
R. Gubaydullina & Yu.N. Kornilov

The estimation of the rock mass stress state of the Zhdanovskoe deposit, Kola MMC 189
A.A. Kozyrev, A.V. Zemtsovskii & M.S. Kulkova

Study of influence of temperature and relative humidity on thermal conductivity of geothermal injection grouts 197
M. Křístek, P. Bujok & M. Klempa

Research and development of universal wireless inductive displacement sensors (LVDT), suitable for laboratory and field tests on strength and deformation characteristics of concrete and rock formations 208
A.J. Gritsaenko, I.V. Kupenko, S.V. Borschevskiy, N.D. Barsuk & D.A. Mozalevskiy

Real-Time GNSS precise positioning with Trimble RTX in archaeological works 215
A. Ochałek, M. Bernaś & E. Puniach

Seismic design of shallow tunnels 223
M.A. Petrukhin & P.V. Deev

Specifics in organization of the slope stability monitoring in high-strength hard rock massif of the Kovdor deposit 229
I.Yu. Rozanov & A.A. Zavyalov

Research of the impact of external factors on the accuracy of positioning GNSS stations 235
A.S. Tyutyukov & E.S. Bogdanets

Controlled directional drilling of boreholes in glacial mass using carrying cable tool 245
N.I. Vasiliev, A.V. Podoliyk, A.N. Dmitriev, A.V. Bolshunov & D.A. Vasiliev

Comparative analysis of 3D archaeological documentation utilizing terrestrial laser scanning along with handheld scanning and photogrammetry 253
E. Puniach & K. Widuch

Cutting edge technologies of geological mapping, search and prospecting of mineral deposits

Algorithm of probabilistic estimates oil field reserves and creation program for mitigation key uncertainties (on the example of the “X” field) 261
A.R. Ayupov, S.F. Khafizov & A.S. Sidubaev

Correlation dimension as a measure of geophysical log chaos 268
M. Figiel

Seismic and geological characteristics of Devonian and Carboniferous deposits in the southwest of the Tomsk region 275
K.I. Kanakova & M.S. Kanakov

New approach to the forecasting of hydrocarbon deposits in the north-eastern part of Timan-Pechora province including the Arctic shelf 285
I.A. Marakova & V.B. Rostovschikov

Comparative characteristics of the seismologological model of the Gydan and Novy port fields 293
E. Surikova & A. Solmin

Mendeleev’s scientific contribution to the mining sciences 301
D.A. Vedrova & Yu.L. Voytekhovsky

Online quality control of aggregates based on the measurement of magnetic susceptibility 307
C. Weigel, K.C. Vogler, A. Ploch & H. Tudeshki

Digital and energy saving technologies in mineral resource complex

Body modernization as a way of improving the efficiency of mining dump tracks 319
Y.A. Bazyleu & R.А. Basalai

Exergo-technological explicit selection methodology for energy converter optimization – case of combined cycle gas turbine for automotive applications 326
W. Bou Nader

Analysis of the possibility of increasing the energy efficiency of a selected single-family house 341
T. Bujok & M. Kwiatkowski

The application of search methods for solving optimization problems 346
N.N. Eliseeva & A.V. Zubov

Increasing the life of tires and dump tracks 353
K.V. Fanin & R.А. Basalai

Ecological education of children and youth by the design and the construction of electric racing vehicles 360
Ł.M. Grabowski & M.A. Sobek

Comparative studies of drilling efficiency for small diameter boreholes with two different drilling methods 368
A.J. Gritsaenko, S.V. Borschevskiy, S.V. Kononychin & I.V. Kupenko

Modernizing the variable transmission as a way of improving the efficiency of dump trucks operation 378
P.А. Ilyuchyk & R.А. Basalai

Integration of microplasma sensor CES into oil and gas industry and mining industry 386
F.G. Arslanova, E.N. Kamenev & E.E. Odintsov

Determination of factors affecting on grooving corrosion 393
A.V. Kasyanov, A.E. Belousov, G.G. Popov & V.I. Bolobov

Oil and gas sector products cold working process 400
A.I. Keksin & I.A. Filipenko

Improving the efficiency of petroleum transport systems by operative monitoring of oil flows and detection of illegal incuts 406
A.V. Kopteva, V.V. Starshaya, V.I. Malarev & V.Yu. Koptev

Solar technologies in household applications 416
D. Kosowska & M. Kwiatkowski

Well controlling using fiber-optic gyroscopes in the rotary steerable system design 423
S. Krivoshchekov, A. Melekhin, A. Shcherbakov & Y. Melekhina

The new concept of road construction for the difficult to access oil-producing regions 427
V.Yu. Piirainen, E.Yu. Troshina & I.M. Malyushin

Functionalized nanostructured materials for novel plasma energy systems 434
R.S. Smerdov, A.S. Mustafaev, Yu.M. Spivak & V.A. Moshnikov

Improving energy performance of the oil and gas industry by applying technologies for the use of associated petroleum gas 442
A.V. Turysheva, Y.V. Gulkov & A.V. Krivenko

Transmission of the electric power by the three-wire DC power line, which is operating in a short-time overcurrent 448
A.I. Bardanov, A.A. Vydrova & Ya.M. Malkova

Heavy duty machines design optimisation 458
M. Wąsik & J. Śliwka

Improving the efficiency of dump trucks operation. Air monitoring in the quarry 466
A.V. Yankouskaya & I.А. Basalai

Author index 474

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Vladimir Litvinenko is Rector of the Saint-Petersburg Mining University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia