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Topical Issues of Rational Use of Natural Resources
Proceedings of the International Forum-Contest of Young Researchers, April 18-20, 2018, St. Petersburg, Russia

ISBN 9780367027438
Published October 21, 2018 by CRC Press
464 Pages

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Book Description

Topical Issues of Rational Use of Natural Resources contains the contributions presented at International Forum-Contest of Young Researchers 2018 (St. Petersburg Mining University, Russia, 18-20 April 2018). The Forum-Contest is an excellent opportunity for young researchers to present their work to the scientific community involved in the extraction and processing of natural resources.
The topics of the book include:

• Prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits
• Development of solid minerals deposits and safety of mining operations
• Development of oil and gas fields and transportation of crude hydrocarbons
• Modern technologies of construction work applied in the mineral complex
• Metallurgy. Physical and chemical technologies of hydrocarbons treatment
• Equipment, transport service and energy efficiency of mining enterprises
• Economic tools of innovative development
• Environmental protection
• Geo information systems and nanotechnologies

Topical Issues of Rational Use of Natural Resources collects the best reports presented at the Forum-Contest, and will be of interest to academics and professionals involved in the extraction and processing of natural resources.

Table of Contents

Prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits

Deep structure of the Baikal-Stanovaya shear zone: Results of geological-geophysical data interpretation
A.S. Ageev & A.S. Egorov

Tectonics and mineralization in the Urumieh-Dokhtar magmatic arc of Iran
S. Beygi, I.V. Talovina, M. Tadayon & A. Nadimi

Main principles of an integral monitoring for St. Isaac’s Cathedral in Saint-Petersburg
R.E. Dashko & P.M. Salnikov

The upper Jurassic deposits geological structure of West Siberia’s southeastern regions
K.I. Kanakova, E.S. Surikova, O.A. Loktionova & A.Y. Kalinin

On specific structures of Paleozoic rocks of the Pay-Khoy anticlinorium
K.P. Ryazanov, R.A. Schekoldin & A.S. Chebotarev


Development of solid minerals deposits and safety of mining operations

Status monitoring of sloping structures
V.V. Cheskidov, A.V. Lipina, A.I. Manevich & D.S. Kurenkov

Design of a ContBlast unit for lining while charging with considerations for placement of detonator and primer
M. Föger, C. Heiss & T. Seidl

Development of the technological schemes of the extraction of coal seams for modern mines
D.D. Golubev

Justification of stowing methods of the mined-out space during potash deposits mining using longwall method
K.V. Gromtsev & E.R. Kovalsky

On stability loss evaluation of transmission free-standing concrete poles
G.I. Korshunov & I.A. Bulbasheva

Selection and justification of the reduced impact technologies of amber production at the Primorskoye field
A. Rakipov, S.S. Podenko & D.Y. Balykov

Investigation of hydrogeochemical reactions as initial effect of soil liquefaction events within lignite dumps
S. Tröger, A. Simon & N. Hoth


Development of oil and gas fields and transportation of crude hydrocarbons

Evaluation of stress-strain state of steel cylindrical tank with crack defect using ANSYS software
A.S. Dmitrieva, G.H. Samigullin & A.A. Lyagova

Reservoir modelling and simulation: History match sensitivity based case study from the Kurdistan region – Iraq
S.H. Hakim & M. Amro

Multifactor analysis of well killing operations on oil and gas condensate field with a fractured reservoir
V.A. Legkokonets, Sh.R. Islamov & D.V. Mardashov

Simulation of a fluid influx in complex reservoirs of Western Siberia
G.M. Penkov, D.A. Karmansky & D.G. Petrakov

Filtration tests of surfactant solutions effects on displacement efficiency oil from low-permeable polymictic reservoirs
M.K. Rogatchev, A.S. Sukhikh & A.N. Kuznetsova

The influence of the hydraulic fracture azimuthal direction on oil recovery
K.V. Sinebriukhov, A.S. Trushko & U.S. Berezovsky

Oil recovery increase in kerogen of the Bazhenov formation by a thermal treatment technology
D.I. Torba & V.S. Nikiforova


Modern technologies of construction work applied in the mineral complex

Development of geotechnical protective measures for strengthening a slope prone to landslide hazards
O.L. Dudchenko, I.A. Shibaev, P.N. Ivanov & A.N. Kravcov

The features of design multistoried frame buildings for seismic regions
L.A. Goldobina & A.E. Startseva

Hardware-software system for identification of strength and deformation characteristics of concrete
A. Gritsaenko, I. Kupenko, S. Borschevsky, N. Barsuk & D. Mozalevsky

Justification of parameters of the photoplanimetric method for determining the cross section area of the horizontal openings
V.A. Kiselev & D.V. Porshukov

The use of digital elevation models in forecasting the displacement and deformation of the earth’s surface in underground mining of coal deposits
R.A. Kovnir & N.N. Grishenkov

Analysis of the jointed rock mass mechanical characteristics anisotropy under conditions of apatite-nepheline mineral deposits
A.G. Protosenya & P.E. Verbilo

Surface modification of slag particles by dry/liquid coating via Nara micro granulator NMG-1
E. Xhaferri & T.A. Bier


Metallurgy—physical and chemical technologies of hydrocarbons treatment

Research of electrolyte composition influence on the cathode copper properties obtained in the electrolytic refining process
A.I. Iurev & E.V. Zolotoreva

Methods for efficiency evaluation of flotation recovery of precious metals from sulphide raw materials
V.V. Kuznetcov & T.N. Aleksandrova

Evaluation of the microstructure and tribological properties of TiC low-friction thin film
A. Paradecka

Critical steps to material selection in an advanced gas-cooled nuclear reactor
R.V. Prasad

Investigation of structure and hardening of Al-Zn-Mg alloys with Ca and Fe
P.K. Shurkin, N.A. Belov & T.K. Akopyan

The influence of temperature and stress rate on the flow stress of high-manganese steels during hot deformation
L. Sozańska-Jędrasik, J. Mazurkiewicz & W. Borek

Electrochemical and physicochemical properties of Cobalt based alloys
A. Woźniak, A. Adamiak, B. Ziębowicz & A. Ziębowicz

Parameter study on nanofiltration of synthetic leaching solutions
J. Zocher


Equipment, transport service and energy efficiency of mining enterprises

Selective protection system of invariant functioning against ground faults
B.N. Abramovich, D.N. Pelenev & K.V. Babyr

Measuring the macrorelief of a solid surface using broadband ultrasonic profilometry
N.A. Morozov, M.V. Sizikov, I.A. Shibaev & V.P. Zarubin

Improving of active rectifier VOC technique for unbalanced power grid
J.E. Shklyarskiy & A.I. Bardanov

Investigations for the preparation of metal-fibre-plastic sandwiches
S. Thüm

An experimental study of corrosion impact on rock bolt support system in underground mine using u-bend specimen
U. Pandey, N.R. Thote & A.P. Patil

Influence factors on the inline grain size analysis via structure-borne sound in hydraulic conveyor systems
C. Weigel, J.A. Romero, H. Tudeshki, T. Xu & H. Korei


Economic tools of innovative development

The forecasting the main results of operating activities of Donbass coal mines
I.V. Kochura & Y.D. Zozulia

Total quality management: Creating value through continuous quality improvement
D. Otgonsukh, B. Idersuren & B. Amarsanan

Challenges and opportunities of integration of the energy capacity of the Republic of Moldova (RM) in the European energy system
E. Reshneva & T.V. Ponomarenko

Circular product design—effects and limitations through miniaturization
J. Saurbier

Forecasting the development of the oilfield service market in servicing and workover segment
E.M. Sharipova


Environmental protection

Assessment and abatement of the soil oil-contamination level in industrial areas
M.V. Bykova, M.A. Pashkevich, V.A. Matveeva & I.P. Sverchkov

Use of nanofiber carriers for monitoring of microbial biomass
M. Nechanická, L. Dvořák & I. Dolinová

Assessment of the technogenic impact of the Korkinsky coal mine
R.R. Nureev, M.A. Pashkevich & A.E. Isakov

Study of the ways to utilize ore dressing tailings for obtaining a useful component
A.S. Plokhov, M.A. Pashkevich, A.E. Isakov & M.A. Chukaeva

Use of respirometry in biodegradability testing of petroleum hydrocarbons
P. Šubrtová, L. Svobodová & T. Lederer


Geo information systems and nanotechnologies

Simulation of the control system for hydrodynamic process with random disturbances
M.M. Asadulagi & G.V. Ioskov

Modeling of Industrial IoT complex for underground space scanning on the base of Arduino platform
O.V. Kosarev, P.S. Tcvetkov, A.B. Makhovikov, E.G. Vodkaylo, V.A. Zulin & D.A. Bykasov

Development of Mongolian geoid height model
D. Munkhtsetseg, M. Saandar & R. Forsberg

Integration of microplasma sensor CES into oil and gas industry and medicine
A.S. Mustafaev, I.V. Rastvorova & F.G. Arslanova

Theory of the morphology of layer’s hydraulic fracture: Forecasting of well flow rate after carrying out the procedure
J.A. Radchenko

Graphene and porous silicon structures for novel nanoelectronic systems
R.S. Smerdov, A.S. Mustafaev, Yu.M. Spivak & V.A. Moshnikov

Mobile navigation application analysis and development for providing the complex architecture buildings safety
T.V. Tingayev, V.V. Cheskidov, A.V. Lipina & I.A. Melnichenko

Solid-state hydride synthesis of metals as a perspective way of mineral processing and nanostructured regulation of material properties
L.A. Yachmenova, A.G. Syrkov, A.N. Kushchenko & V.V. Tomaev

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Professor Vladimir Litvinenko is the Rector of St. Petersburg Mining University, St, Petersburg, Russia.