1st Edition

Topical Nail Products and Ungual Drug Delivery

Edited By S Narasimha Murthy, Howard I. Maibach Copyright 2013
    300 Pages
    by CRC Press

    300 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Discussing existing techniques, ongoing research, new approaches, and basic concepts in the treatment of nail diseases, Topical Nail Products and Ungual Drug Delivery summarizes the current knowledge and represents a jumping-off point for creating novel techniques of drug delivery across the nail.

    A growing area of pharmaceutical research, the search for efficient delivery techniques that can cross the nail barrier has yielded several effective strategies, brought together in this book.

    Topics Include

    • Nail anatomy, physiology, diseases, and treatment

    • Permeability of the nail plate

    • Topical nail formulations

    • Approaches to enhance ungual and trans-ungual drug delivery

    • In vitro and in vivo models to evaluate topical nail formulations

    • Nail sampling techniques

    • Bioengineering of the nail

    • Trans-ungual iontophoresis

    • Pharmacokinetics of drugs in the nail apparatus

    • Onychopharmacokinetics: proposed model insight

    • Photodynamic therapy of nail diseases

    • The nail as a surrogate for investigating drug use

    The Nail: Anatomy, Physiology, Diseases, and Treatment. Permeability of the Nail Plate. Topical Nail Formulations. Approaches to Enhance Ungual and Trans-Ungual Drug Delivery. In Vitro and In Vivo Models to Evaluate Topical Nail Formulations. Hydration-Controlled Nail System for the Evaluation of Topical Formulations and a Novel Nail Sampling Device. Bioengineering of the Nail: Transonychial Water Loss and Imaging Techniques, An Overview. Transungual Iontophoresis and Physical Drug Delivery Enhancement. Pharmacokinetics of Drugs in the Nail Apparatus. Onychopharmacokinetics: Proposed Model Insight. Photodynamic Therapy of Nail Diseases. Nail as a Surrogate for Investigating the Drug Use.


    S. Narasimha Murthy Ph.D. is an Associate Professor at the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy. After obtaining his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics from Bangalore University, India, Dr. Murthy worked as a Research Associate at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY and as an Assistant Professor at the Ohio Northern University, Ada, Ohio. He has published over 60 research papers in the area of dermal and ungual drug delivery.

    Howard I. Maibach, Ph.D. is currently serving as Professor of Dermatology at the University of California, San Francisco. He obtained his MD from Tulane University, New Orleans, LA in 1955. Later he served in faculty positions in various levels at the UCSF. Dr. Maibach has over 2,520 published manuscripts. He has been on the editorial board of more than 30 scientific journals and is a member of 19 professional societies including the American Academy of Dermatology, San Francisco Dermatological Society and the Internal Commission on Occupation Health.