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Totalitarianism Movements and Political Religions

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This innovative book series will scrutinise all attempts to totally refashion mankind and society, whether these hailed from the Left or the Right, which, unusually, will receive equal consideration. Although its primary focus will be on the authoritarian and totalitarian politics of the twentieth century, the series will also provide a forum for the wider discussion of the politics of faith and salvation in general, together with an examination of their inexorably catastrophic consequences.

There are no chronological or geographical limitations to the books that may be included, and the series will include reprints of classic works and translations, as well as monographs and collections of essays.

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The Seizure of Power Fascism in Italy, 1919-1929

The Seizure of Power: Fascism in Italy, 1919-1929

1st Edition

By Professor Adrian Lyttelton, Adrian Lyttelton
July 30, 2003

This volume is a study of Fascism in its country of origin, Italy. It describes the impact of a new type of political movement on Italian government and society. The Fascist seizure of power did not begin or end with Mussolini's famous March on Rome in 1922; it was achieved rather by gradual ...

Religion, Politics and Ideology in the Third Reich Selected Essays

Religion, Politics and Ideology in the Third Reich: Selected Essays

1st Edition

By Uriel Tal
July 15, 2004

In a perceptive analysis of diverse source material, the essays of the late Uriel Tal in this volume uncover the dynamics of the secularization of religion, and the sacralization of politics in the Nazi era. Through a process of inversion of meaning, concepts such as race, blood, soil, state, ...

The Lesser Evil Moral Approaches to Genocide Practices

The Lesser Evil: Moral Approaches to Genocide Practices

1st Edition

Edited By Helmut Dubiel, Gabriel Motzkin
June 15, 2004

This book comprises 14 essays by scholars who disagree about the methods and purposes of comparing Nazism and Communism. The central idea is that if these two different memories of evil were to develop in isolation, their competition for significance would distort the real evils both movements ...

Redefining Stalinism

Redefining Stalinism

1st Edition

Edited By Harold Shukman
August 30, 2003

Born in 1879 in Georgia, Stalin joined the Bolsheviks under Lenin in 1903 and became General Secretary of the Communist Party in 1922. These edited papers reassess the deeds, policies and legacy of a man who was responsible for innumerable deaths and untold human misery....

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