1st Edition

Toughened Composites Micro and Macro Systems

Edited By Sri Bandyopadhyay, Raghavendra Gujjala Copyright 2023
    314 Pages 190 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book covers micro and macro aspects of toughened composites covering polymer matrix, metal matrix, ceramic matrix and nanomatrix. It gives the reader understanding of composite fabrication, construction, and lightweight yet high crack resistance performance, macroscopic testing supported by microscopic bonding and debonding features, models of stress transfer, and commercial features of developing cheaper yet high-quality materials.


    • Focuses on micro and macro aspects of toughening methods and principles of composite materials.
    • Includes all types of composites including polymer matrix, metal matrix, ceramic matrix and nanomatrix.
    • Covers corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance as well as solubility resistance.
    • Discusses the use of recycled materials.
    • Provides a good balance of long fibre, short fibre, nanoparticle and particulate modifiers.

    This book aims at researchers and professionals in materials science, composite materials, fracture mechanics, materials characterization and testing, properties and mechanics, nanomaterials, aerospace and automotive engineering and structural engineering.

    Chapter 1: Introduction: In-Situ SEM Identification of High-Resolution Crack Tip Micro-Deformation in Some Polymer Matrix Materials
    Sri Bandyopadhyay

    Chapter 2: Polystyrene Based Composites and Its Toughening Mechanisms
    Selvin P. Thomas

    Chapter 3: Metal Matrix Composites: An Overview
    B. Sengupta  and Dr. A. Basu Mallick

    Chapter 4: Improvement of Characteristics of Composites Using Natural Fibre as Reinforcement by Different Pre-Treatments
    Sambhu Nath Chattopadhyay and Kartick K. Samanta

    Chapter 5: Particulate Reinforced Composites
    Subhajit Kundu, Debarati Mitra and Mahuya Das

    Chapter 6: Graphene Reinforced Polymer Composites
    Bidita Salahuddin,, Shazed Aziz, Md. Mokarrom Hossain, Aziz Ahmed, Md. Arifur Rahim, Mohammad S. Islam, Shaikh N. Faisal

    Chapter 7: Matrices for Composite Materials: Polymers, Metals, Ceramics, Cements
    G.S. Mukherjee

    Chapter 8: Metallurgical Failure Analysis of An Excavator Boom Body Comprised of Several Members Manufactured Out of Welded Composite Structures
    Tapas Das

    Chapter 9: Tribological Behaviour of Polymer Matrix and Metal Matrix Composites
    Ch. Sri Chaitanya, Babar Pasha Mahammod, G. Chitti Babu, R. Narasimha Rao

    Chapter 10: Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Fabric – Manufacturing and Applications Including Structural and Wearables
    V. Ng, D. Chauhan, R. Noga, M. Chitranshi, A. Pujari, A. Bhattacharya, S. Grinshpun, S. Fialkova, W. J. Williams, S. Kilinc-Balci, J. Campbell, B. J. Jetter, V. N. Shanov, A. Kubley and  M. J. Schulz

    Chapter 11: Toughening Mechanisms in Mullite-Based Composites
    Pramod Koshy, Bernadette Pudadera, Tina Majidi, Vicki Zhong, Vienna C. Wong, Xiaoran Zheng, Naomi Ho, Theodora K.-H. Cheng, and Charles C. Sorrell

    Chapter 12: Generalized Model of Trends in Mechanical Properties of Toughened Sphere-Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites
    Kabir, C.C. Sorrell, G.H. Yeoh and S. Bandyopadhyay

    Chapter 13: Toughened Composites Case Studies for Structural and Engineering Applications
    Dheeraj K Gara, Raghavendra Gujjala, Shakuntala Ojha, Omprakash and Satish Jain

    Chapter 14: Carbon Nanostructures Based Composite for Energy Related Applications
    Shrabani Ghosh, Supratim Maity, K. K. Chattopadhyay

    Chapter 15: Self-Healing Composites -Capsule and Vascular Based Extrinsic Self-Healing Systems
     Bhavya Parameswaran and Nikhil K. Singha

    Chapter 16: Role of Nano Reinforcement onto Intra and Interlaminar Fracture of Hybrid Laminated Composites
    Subhankar Das, Parnab Das, Sudipta Halder and Pannalal Choudhury

    Chapter 17: Electrochemical and Microscopic Studies on Controlling of Cracking Behaviour of SiCp, Al2O3 Reinforced Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites
    Dr. Chinmoy Bhattacharya, Dr. Biswanath Samanta, Dr. Paramita Hajra, Dr. Harahari Mandal, Dr. Sanjib Shyamal, Dr. Debasis Sariket, Dr. Sri Bandyopadhyay

    Chapter 18: Toughening of Polymers
    Dr.  M. Sreejith, Dr. G. Santhosh and Dr. R. S. Rajeev

    Chapter 19: Free Vibration of Laminated Composite Stiffened Shallow Shells
    Amar N. Nayak and Janen N. Bondyopadhyay

    Chapter 20: Toughening Effect of Aluminium Particles in Conductive Polyester Composites
    Zahir Bashir, Arfat Anis and Saeed M. Al-Zahrani


    Dr Sri Bandyopadhyay, a former academic at UNSW Sydney Australia - School of Mat Sci Eng, and an earlier senior research scientist at Australian Defence DSTO MRL Melbourne has research background in fracture micro - micro features in a) polymer matrix, b) meal matrix and c) ceramic matrix composites. At DSTO MRL Australia, Sri Bandyopadhyay’s in-situ SEM study of micro-macro fracture earned Sri the ‘DSTO MRL Scientist of the year’ award. Whilst at UNSW SMSE, Sri Bandyopadhyay taught fracture mechanics, polymer engineering and composites technology to students in his School as well as in other schools at UNSW in Faculty of Engineering. By the way, Sri Bandyopadhyay had done his Ph D at Monash University Australia on Environmental Stress cracking of Polyethylene. Sri’s organised Proceedings of ACUN-5 International Composite Conference - Developments in Composites: Advanced, Infrastructural, Natural and Nano-composites, 11-14 July, 2006, UNSW, Sydney, Australia are available on internet using website http://unsworks.unsw.edu.au/fapi/datastream/unsworks:417/SOURCE1?view=true

    Dr Raghavendra Gujjala, an Assistant professor in mechanical department at National Institute of Technology Warangal, Telangana, INDIA. G Raghavendra completed his Ph.D from NIT Rourkela. His research background in Composite materials, FGMs, Nano Materials, Bio glasses. Raghavendra published more than 130 international and national journals and conferences. He published more than 12 book chapters in different books. G Raghavendra taught Composites, Tribology, material characterization of materials to students. Website: https://www.nitw.ac.in/faculty/id/16533/