192 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    192 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    This book, the last one written by Piaget, presents a new line of empirical studies based on a revised formulation of his theory of the development of logical reasoning. The amended theory overcomes many problems and criticisms of his earlier formulations by providing a fresh explanation for the origin of mental operations and mental organization based on the concept of meaning. It also offers a more elegant vision of the continuity in mental development from birth to adulthood. As the final revision of Piaget's theory -- and one that opens up new areas of inquiry -- this book calls for a reinterpretation of his earlier work -- a task which will occupy scholars for decades to come.

    Contents: B. Inhelder, Preface. Part I: J. Piaget, Introduction. Meanings and Implications in Instrumental Behavior. Displacements in a Tree Structure. Tiling (Tessellation). Arithmetical Implications and Meanings. Relations Within an Object. Inter-Object Negation and Incompatibility. Weaving. The Meanings of Collections. Classifications and Symmetries. Conclusions. Part II: R. Garcia, Logic and Genetic Epistemology. Extensional Logic and Intensional Logic. General Conclusions.


    P.M. Davidson and Jack Easley, Editors

    "..this translation will be of great interest to psychologists, epistemologists, logicians, and those researchers who wish to explore new strategies for explaining meaning."
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    "...opens new perspectives on the various phenomena underlying cognitive behavior."
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    "...the book would be of interest to all Piaget scholars and to major librairies....an advanced volume..."
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