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1st Edition

Towards Democracy

ISBN 9781138184121
Published March 15, 2017 by Routledge
536 Pages

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Book Description

Edward Carpenter’s Towards Democracy is well-known as a starting point of his later work. Originally written in 1881 whilst taking a break from lecturing in Universities across the UK, this four-volume poem dwells mainly on themes of freedom and equality; values that Carpenter wrote upon many times in his career. Originally published in 1883, this version in 1917, this title will be of interest to students of Sociology and English Literature.

Table of Contents

 Part One;  1. Towards Democracy;  Part Two;  2. O Freedom, Beautiful Beyond Compare  3. York Minster  4. Sunday Morning after Church  5. High in My Chamber  6. Deep Below Deep  7. Except the Lord  8. I come Forth from the Darkness  9. Sunday Morning Near a Manufacturing Town  10. In the Drawing Room  11.In a Manufacturing Town  12. What Have I to do with Thee  13. As to You, O Moon  14. Squinancy Wort  15. Not of Myself  16. Lo! I Open a Door  17. By This Heart  18. As One who from a High Cliff  19. To One in Trouble  20. These Waves of your Great Heart  21. Thus as I Yearned for Love  22. Eternal Hunger  23. Child of the Lonely Heart  24. To One who is where the Eternal Are  25. Through the Long Night  26. To a Stranger  27. To a Friend  28. Of the Love that you Poured forth  29. As a Woman of a Man  30. O Love, to whom the Poets  31. Who you are I know Not  32. Have Faith  33. I Heard a voice  34. I Know that you are Self-Conscious  35. Who are You  36. Among the Ferns  37. I Heard the Voice of the Woods  38. The Wind Chants Well  39. I am a Voice  40. O Sea with White Lines  41. Home  42. Off Gaspe  43. By the Shore  44. A Military Band  45. Wings  46. On an Atlantic Steamship  47. By Lake Wachusett  48. O Mighty Mother  49. After Long Ages;  Part Three;  50. We are a Menace to you O Civilisation  51. After Civilisation  52. The Word Democracy  53. The Meaning of it all  54. These Populations  55. Andromeda  56. The Triumph of Civilisation  57. The Dead Christ  58. Christmas Eve  59. Little Heart within thy Cage  60. When I am Near to You  61. Cradled in Flame  62. All Night Long  63. Of the Past  64. Love’s Vision  65. Nearer than ever Now  66. O Thou whose Form  67. The Elder Soldier to the Younger  68. Into the Regions if the Sun  69. As it Happened  70. Parted Lips  71. Summer Heat  72. A Rivederci  73. Who will Learn Freedom  74. After all Suffering  75. When a Thousand Years have Passed  76. A Message Committed to the Waves  77. Rest at Last  78. The Wind of May  79. O Earth, Scene of what Toil  80. A Voice over the Earth  81. In the Chamber of Birth  82. A Cottage among the Hills  83. Alice  84. Baby Song  85. Early Morning  86. The Golden Wedding  87. The Mother to her Daughter  88. A Sprig of Aristocracy  89. A Scene in London  90. S. James’ Park  91. The Twin Statues of Amenophis  92. Artemidorus, Farewell  93. From Turin to France  94. To the End of Time  95. On the Eve of Departure  96. Arenzano  97. O Tender Heart  98. The Carter  99. The Stone-Cutter  100. The Voice of One Blind  101. A Song in the Old Age  102. In Extreme Age  103. After the Day’s Work  104. I saw a Vision  105. Ah! Blessed is he that hath Escaped  106. The Great Leader  107. I Accept You  108. Sol  109. A Glimpse  110. The Long Day in the Open  111. The Idler  112. In the Deep Cave of the Heart  113. Fly Messenger! Through the Streets of the Cities  114. The Coming of the Lord  115. The Curse of Property  116. Over the Great City  117. Underneath and After All  118. A Hard Saying  119. Not for a Few Months or Years  120. Disentanglement  121. The Mortal Lover  122. The End of Love  123. A New Life  124. The Law of Equality  125. To Thine Own Self be True  126. Abandon Hope all Ye that Enter Here  127. To One Dead  128. Of All the Suffering  129. A Long Journey  130. The Secret of Time and Satan  131. Brief is Pain  132. The Body and the Book;  Part 4;  133. Because the Starry Lightnings  134. Who Shall Command the Heart  135. From Caverns Dark  136. The Lake of Beauty  137. The Wandering Psyche  138. I Hear Thy Call, Mysterious Being  139. So Thin a Veil Divides  140. The Open Secret  141. The Songs of the Birds, Who Hears  142. A Child at a Window  143. Night  144. April  145. Lucifer  146. The Ocean of Sex  147. As the Greeks Dreamed  148. In a Scotch-Fir Wood  149. The Dream Goes By  150. Surely the Time will Come  160. The One Foundation  161. A Mightier than Mammoth  162. O Little Sister Heart  163. Forms Eternal as the Mountains  164. Spending the Night Alone  165. O Joy Divine of Friends  166. O Child of Uranus  167. One at a Time  168. The Dead Comrade  169. Philolaus to Diocles  170. Hafiz to the Cup-bearer  171. In the Stone-Floored Workshop  172. The Trysting  173. The Lover Far on the Hills  174. The Babe  175. O Gracious Mother 176. I Saw a Fair House  177. A Dream of Human Life  178. The Coast of Liguria  179. Easter Day on Mt. Mounier  180. At Mentone  181. Monte Carlo  182. India, the Wisdom-land  183. Tanzbodeli  184. A Village Church  185. Sheffield  186. A Lancashire Mill-hand  187. A Trade  188. The Ploughboy  189. The Jackdaw  190. By the Mersey  191. In the British Museum Library  192. Empire  193. The British, A.D. 1901  194. Portland  195. China A.D. 1900  196. Standing Beyond Time  197. Who but the Lover Should Know  198. The Everlasting Now  199. Now is the Accepted Time  200. A Summer Day  201. The Central Calm  202. Widening Circles  203. When I Look Upon Your Faces  204. Life Behind Life  205. The Stupid Old Body  206. The Wandering Lunatic Mind  207. As a Mould for some Fair Form  208. Nothing Less than All  209. Believe Yourself a Whole  210. The Body within the Body  211. In An Old Quarry  212. The Soul to the Body  213. To Become a Creator  214. After Fifty Years  215. Out of the House of Childhood  216. Little Brook without a Name  217. Lo! What a World I Create;  A Note on "Toward Democracy"

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