1st Edition

Toyota Production System on Compact Disc Beyond Large-Scale Production

By Taiichi Ohno Copyright 2001
    180 Pages
    by Productivity Press

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    Before Ohno's landmark work, the methods of the Toyota Production System were closely guarded secrets. Ohno was the primary architect in rebuilding Toyota in the 1960s and 1970s, and these CDs reveal the origins, daring innovations and ceaseless evolution of the Toyota system into a complete management system.

    Ohno's revolutionary innovations at Toyota included:

    • Reducing waste, finding and eliminating it at all levels
    • Multimachine handling by a single worker
    • "Autonomation" -- machines and workers that stop a line or process automatically when abnormalities occur
    • Poka-Yoke mechanical-fail-safe devices to prevent mistakes
    • Just-in-time and kanban -- reversing the flow of production information, training supplier companies to produce and deliver just-in-time
    • Preventive maintenance to eliminate machine breakdowns
    • Development of the "SMED" system -- reducing machine setup time to permit smaller lot sizes

      This abridged version of Ohno's classic book runs for 180 minutes on three Compact Discs.

      The original hardcover edition is also available from Productivity Press.

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