Trace Elements in Soil : Bioavailability, Flux, and Transfer book cover
1st Edition

Trace Elements in Soil
Bioavailability, Flux, and Transfer

ISBN 9781566705073
Published January 25, 2001 by CRC Press
302 Pages

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Book Description

Historically, research on the methods and amounts of trace element application to agriculture soils for correcting plant deficiencies has received major attention. More recently, due to industrial development and past disposal activities, trace elements are considered to be important environmental contaminants that affect all components in the atmosphere and in aquatic and terrestrial systems. Prepared by a multi-disciplinary group of scientists, Trace Elements in Soil: Bioavailability, Flux, and Transfer explores and discusses emerging issues in biogeochemistry research.
The book emphasizes the role of biological and chemical interactions and discusses the newest research and its application to major environmental problems. It provides a concise compilation of current research and a handy, time-saving reference. With contributions from an international panel of authors, the book focuses on trace element issues in developing countries and environmentally sound techniques such as stabilization and bioremediation.
Fundamental yet complex, bioavailability can be relatively simple to parameterize under controlled simulated conditions. This is not always the case under field conditions. To expand our understanding of the fate and transport of trace elements in soils, the methods of assessing trace element bioavailability, flux, and transfer among the different soil components needs to be redefined and developed. Trace Elements in Soil: Bioavailability, Flux, and Transfer is unique in its emphasis on bioavailability and how trace element contamination ultimately effects plants, wildlife, and human population.

Table of Contents

BIOAVAILABILITY OF TRACE ELEMENTS. Bioavailability and Fate of Trace Elements in Long-Term Residual-Amended Soil Studies. An Experimental and Theoretical Study on Equilibrium Partitioning of Heavy Metals. Sequential Extraction of Metals from Artificially Contaminated Soils in the Presence of Various Composts. Induced Hyperaccumulation: Metal Movement and Problems. Bioavailability of Cu, Zn, and Mn in Contaminated Soils and Speciation in Soil Solution. FLUXES, TRANSFER PARTITIONING OF TRACE ELEMENTS. Heavy Metals in Dutch Soils: An Experimental and Theorectical Study on Equilibrium Partitioning. Isotopic Exchange Kinetics Method for Assessing Cadmium Availability in Soils, E. Gerard, G. Echevarria. Accumulation, Redistribution, Transport, and Bioavailability of Heavy Metals in Waste-Amended Soils. Contaminant Transport in the Root Zone, I. Vogeler, S.R. Green, B.E. Clothier. Partitioning and Reaction Kinetics of Cd-109 and Zn-65 in an Alum Shale Soil as Influenced by Organic Matter at Different Temperatures. Solid Phase Speciation of Cd, Ni, and Zn in Some Contaminated and Non-Contaminated Tropical Soils. Quality of Estimated Freundlich Parameters pf Cd Sorption from Pedotransfer Functions to Predict Cadmium Concentration of Soil Solution, G. Springob. Effect of Sorbed and Dissolved Organic Carbon on Molybdenum Retention by Iron Oxides. Speciation and Sorption of Lead (II) in Soils.

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I.K. Iskandar, Mary B. Kirkham