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Trace Elements in the Rhizosphere

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ISBN 9780849315350
Published September 26, 2000 by CRC Press
344 Pages

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Book Description

The first book devoted to the complex interactions between trace elements, soils, plants, and microorganisms in the rhizosphere, Trace Elements in the Rhizosphere brings together the experimental, investigative, and modeling branches of rhizosphere research. Written by an international team of authors, it provides a comprehensive overview of the mechanisms and fate of trace elements in the rhizosphere and the application of this information to phytoremediation technologies and sustainable agriculture and forestry.
With ecological and environmental issues moving to the forefront, the focus of rhizosphere research has increasingly shifted to studying the effect of plant-microbial association on the bioavailability, uptake, and transformation of inorganic and organic contaminants in soils. Contaminant-rhizosphere interactions have attracted renewed attention as plants have been proposed for use in the remediation of contaminated soils. Trace Elements in the Rhizosphere provides an in-depth look at rhizosphere processes and leads the way to further understanding and developments in this field.

Table of Contents

Phytoavailability of Trace Elements and Radionuclides in the Rhizosphere and Application to Phytoremediation
Dependency of Phytoavailability of Metals on Indigenous and Induced Rhizosphere Processes: A Review, E. Lombi, W.W. Wenzel, G. Gobran, and D.C. Adriano
Bioavailability of Trace Elements as Related to Root-Induced Changes in the Rhizosphere, P. Hinsinger
Rhizosphere Chemical Changes Enhance Heavy Metal Absorption by Plants Growing in Calcareous Soils, N. Assadian and L.B. Fenn
Fate of Radiocesium in Soil and Rhizosphere, B. Delvaux, N. Kruyts, E. Maes, and E. Smolders
Bioavailability of Uranium and Plutonium to Plants in Soil-Water Systems, and the Potential of Phytoremediation, H. Shahandeh, J. Lee, L.R. Hossner, and R.H. Loeppert
Interactions of Trace Elements with Root Microbial Associations
Interactions and Mobilization of Metal Ions at the Soil-Root Interface, S. Dieana, B. Manunza, A. Palma, A. Premoli, and C. Gessa
Metal Speciation in Symbiotic Fungi (Ectomycorrhizae) Using Micro X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy, B.O. Berthelsen, G.M. Lamble, and D.G. Nicholson
Bioavailability of Heavy Metals in the Mycorrhizosphere, C. Leyval and E.J. Joner
Experimental Techniques and Modeling Approaches to Study the Fate of Trace Elements in the Rhizosphere
Solid Phase Fractionation of Metals in the Rhizosphere of Forest Soils, F. Courchesne, V. Séguin, and A. Dufresne
A Technique for Quantitative Trace Element and Micronutrient Studies in Plants, A. Göransson
Cation Exchange on Plant Roots Involving Aluminium: Experimental Data and Modeling, J.E. Dufey, J.G. Genon, B. Jaillard, H. Calba, G. Rufyikiri, and B. Delvaux
Modeling Aluminum Chemistry in the Rhizosphere of Acid Forest Soils, H. Nietfeld

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"A considerable amount of information on the interactions between trace elements and the soil-root-rhizosphere is presented in this book. This book should prove useful to undergraduate and graduate students and others who are studying the micro-soil environment, plant growth, and phytormediation. Furthermore, with the works cited at the end of each chapter, this book is an excellent reference publication."
-Journal of Environmental Quality, vol. 30, no. 6 (Nov.-Dec.) 2001