1st Edition

Training Educators of Adults
The Theory and Practice of Graduate Adult Education

ISBN 9781138318670
Published November 28, 2018 by Routledge
354 Pages

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Book Description

Originally published in 1988, this book provides perspective on conceptualisations of adult education in the late 20th century, the range of providing agencies and the varying orientations towards defining the role of the adult educator. It draws together and contextualises a selection of the most important readings on adult education theory and practice. The book will help develop critically reflective practitioners on adutl education courses - educators aware of the assumptions underlying their practice and capable of identifying theories and placing both theory and practice within  the wider and ever-changing socio-politico context.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Overview: Theory and Practice in American Adult Education 1. Organizing concepts and Practices in Adult Education in the United States Stephen Brookfield (1988) 2. Training Adult Educators in North America Sharan Merriam (1985) Part 2: Conceptual Issues in Training Educators of Adults 3. A General Theory of the Doctorate in Education Malcolm S. Knowles (1962) 4. The Nature and Aims of adult Education as Field of Graduate Education A. A. Liverright (1964) 5. A Conceptual Framework for Analyzing The Training of Trainers and Adult Educators Roger Boshier (1985) Part 3: Historical Perspectives 6. Preparing Leaders in Adult Education Eduard Lindemann (1938) 7. The Making of the Makers Harry O. Overstreet and Bonaro W. Overstreet (1941) 8. Training Adult Educators Wilbur C. Hallenbeck (1948) 9. The Education of Adult Educational Leaders Cyril O. Houle (1960) 10. The Emergence of Graduate Study in Adult Education Cyril O. Houle (1968) Part 4: Proficiencies of Adult Educators 11. The Competencies of Adult Educators Martin N. Chamberlain (1961) 12. Knowledge and Skills fot the Adult Educator: A Delphi Study Mark H. Rossman and Richard L. Bunning (1978) 13. Comparative Study of Adult Education Practitioners and Professors on Future Knowledge and Skills Needed by Adult Educators Richard Daniel and Harold Rose (1982) Part 5: Characteristics and Orientations of Adults Educators 14. Life Crises and Career Change in Adults Educators Lynn E. Davie (1979) 15. The Adult Education Professoriat of the United States and Canada Reynold Willie, Harlan Copeland and Howard Williams (1985) 16. Philosophical Orientations of Adult Educators Leon McKenzie (1983) Part 6: Criteria of Good Practice in Graduate Adult Education 17. Criteria for the Education of Adult Educators C. O. Robinson (1964) 18. Principles of Good Practice in Continuing Education Jack Mezirow (1984) 19. Some Further Thoughts on Principles of Good Practice in Continuing Education Michael Collins (1985) 20. Standards for Graduate Programmes in Adult Education Commission of Professors of Adult Education (1986) Part 7: Curricula and Programs of Graduate Adult Education 21. Objectives for Graduate Programmes in Adult Education Watson Dickerman (1964) 22. A Curricular and Programmatic Analysis of Graduate Adult Education in North America Stephen Brookfield (1988) 23. Graduate Adult Education as a Socio-Cultural Product: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Theory and Practice in the United States and Great Britain Stephen Brookfield (1988) Part 8: Conclusion 24. Developing Critically Reflective Practitioners: A Rationale for Training Educators of Adults Stephen Brookfield (1988)

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